Communicating During a Crisis

Emerson Faculty respond to the pandemic

This document provides research and commentaries from Emerson College arts, liberal arts, and communication faculty to increase communication and public understanding of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the academic, social and community landscape.

Content areas include impacts of the pandemic on communication technology, communication strategies, social media, elections, civic innovation, art and digital media, entertainment, performing arts, and social movements.

Faculty creative works, and involvement in community initiatives also demonstrate our commitment to both artistic and civic engagement.

Contributions by Discipline

Communication Studies

Marketing Communication

Emerson Polling

Emerson Engagement Lab

Emerson Contemporary

Institute for Liberal Arts & Interdisciplinary Studies


Performing Arts

Visual & Media Arts

Writing, Literature & Publishing

Emerson Los Angeles

Pandemic within a Pandemic: Police Brutality, Racial Justice & Social Change