Students wishing to transfer their active SEVIS record to another U.S. school must submit a written request to OISA, on or near the date of finishing their Emerson coursework or approved period of Optional Practical Training (OPT).

  • The request must include (1) an Emerson Transfer Out Form, (2) a Transfer In form for the new school, if required, (3) copy of the most recent I-20 and I-94, (4) the requested SEVIS release date, and (5) the SEVIS School Code for the student’s new school
  • The request must be processed by OISA staff no later than 60 days after the date of the student’s last enrollment (or end date of OPT, if applicable). 
  • The new program must begin within 5 months of the student’s last date of enrollment (or end of OPT, if applicable).
  • Students participating in OPT should be mindful of the 90 days of authorized unemployment. Students who may exceed the 90 day limit, are advised to consider transferring their SEVIS record to the new school before exceeding the 90 days.

The SEVIS “transfer release date” is the date on which your SEVIS record will close at Emerson and will be available to your new school. We are able to cancel this transfer (at your request) until the day before release. After the SEVIS release date, your new school will be able to issue your new I-20 reflecting "transfer pending”. Please make certain to obtain your new I-20 for your new school before any international travel as you will need your new I-20 to reenter the U.S.

You will need to "complete your transfer" by presenting your immigration documents at the international office at your new school no later than 15 days after the program start date listed on your new I-20. It is critical to meet this deadline in order to stay in lawful status.