Emerson IT provides the community with the very best technology support creating a relationship of trust that enables the success of the College.

To provide exemplary service, maintain trust and collaboration, Emerson IT promises to provide:

Polite and Respectful Service

  • The IT Staff is committed to polite and professional conversation, service, and character in all interactions.
  • The IT Staff will respect the diversity of our community during service visits, meetings, and all internal and external communication.

Organized, Effective, and Responsive Service

  • If an IT issue is not resolved during a service call, our technology users can expect a follow-up (which may include a request for more information, a proposed time for a service visit/call, a progress update, or a resolution):
    • Immediately for widespread/critical issues.
    • Within one business day for high-priority issues.
    • Within two business days for normal-priority issues.
  • IT is committed to recording and escalating issues in a graceful, efficient, and organized manner. The various IT areas will communicate clearly and ensure that issues are securely and appropriately escalated from one area to another.
  • IT seeks feedback through surveys and through our online feedback form. We regularly review reports on response time, resolution time, and user satisfaction, and follow- up with users who report unsatisfactory service.

Partnering and Collaboration

  • The IT Staff promises to listen carefully before acting on any issue, project, or initiative.
  • The IT Staff will be available to discuss projects and provide technology expertise for departmental technology planning. We are your partners.
  • The IT Staff will actively seek and provide opportunities to educate its user base and raise the technology proficiency of the entire campus.

Open and Transparent Communication

  • Emerson IT meets weekly to draft and strategize communication for alerts, announcements, customer survey results, and helpful information.
  • In all IT communications, including social media, our blog, service calls, campus emails, and IT info sessions/fairs, Emerson IT strives to be open, accessible, and clear.
  • IT invites project requests and discussion via its weekly Change Management meeting and online Project Center, allowing our users to align their initiatives with IT projects.

Media Services Mission Statement

The Media Services Center (MSC) provides up-to-date, and relevant media resources and services to meet the needs of Emerson's administration, faculty, staff, and student body. The department engages in the following activities in pursuit of this goal.

  1. Providing, maintaining, and delivering audiovisual equipment to the College’s classrooms, and in the MSC.
  2. Specifying media technology, performing routine maintenance of AV equipment, and training patrons in the operation of permanently installed equipment in the college's classrooms and meeting spaces. 
  3. Informing faculty and students of the availability of these materials and providing guidance in their effective use.
  4. Consulting with special event planners to rent appropriate equipment and services to meet event needs.

We look forward to working with you!