Accessible professional staff members design and deliver diverse wellness programming, provide health consultations, and serve as referral sources on vital student health issues.

Our Mission and Approach

The Office of Wellness Education works to empower students to make informed decisions by providing the campus community with accessible, accurate information and compassionate services that foster personal health, academic success, and community wellness.

We believe students are adults who can and will make their own decisions regarding their health. Given that understanding, we strive to create an environment in which students feel listened to and respected when discussing their health needs.


  • Educational Appointments: Individual appointments to speak with a health educator to discuss issues or questions related to sexual health, alcohol and other drugs, stress management, and relaxation, etc. Call us at 617-824-8597 to make an appointment.
  • Health and Wellness Educational Resources: Whether it’s doing research for a paper or wanting to learn more individually, students can stop by our office for information. We have books, pamphlets, and other resources.
  • Free Condoms: For students who are sexually active, free condoms are available at the CHW (216 Tremont Street, 3rd Floor). The coordinator for wellness education is available to answer questions about sexual health, or you can make an appointment with a clinician to discuss contraceptive options.
  • Alcohol and Other Drug Education: Emerson offers two alcohol and drug education programs to serve students who receive a substance abuse sanction. Bring Your Own Conversation (BYOC) and Let's Be Blunt (LBB) are classes using a peer-to-peer model, conducted by two student peer facilitators. This class is generally for first-time violations. 
  • Nutrition Services: Nutrition/wellness counseling appointments are available at the CHW and cover a variety of topics including current diet, weight and weight history, exercise and exercise history, past medical history, and goals for best health. Contact the Center for more information on nutrition services at Emerson.
  • Wellness Learning Community for Resident Students: For Emerson students committed to living a healthy lifestyle, the 5th floor of the Colonial Building is a dedicated Wellness Learning Community.