Tuition & Fees Chart

Your bill will reflect all costs charged to your student account. These include tuition and fees noted on the cost chart below, plus miscellaneous charges like transportation fees and finance charges, if applicable.

Fall 2020–Spring 2021

Charge Description of Charge Fall 2020 Spring 2021
Tuition Per Credit $1,296 $1,296
Audit Per Credit $30 $30
Fees Registration Fee (Per Semester Rate) $35 $35
Packet of Test Protocol $150 (one-time, non-refundable fee)
CALIPSO $85 (one-time fee)
CastleBranch $123 (one-time fee)*
Immersions Students are responsible for travel and accommodations, in addition to cost of tuition

*Additional $35 for 10-Panel drug screening through CastleBranch if required by specific site

Tuition Explanation

All graduate tuition is assessed on a per credit basis. 

Each semester, you will be billed after you have been registered for your courses. 

Your annual financial aid award will become available after you have been registered for the first term of each academic year. Your financial aid award will be adjusted based on the number of credits that you are enrolled in.

Billing Schedule

Emerson College generates electronic tuition statements once a semester. Statements can be viewed through TouchNet by logging in as a student through eCommon, or as an Authorized User. Email notifications will be sent to students and their Authorized Users each time a new tuition statement has been uploaded.

  • Fall semester statements are available in late June and are due August 1.
  • Spring semester statements are available in mid-November and are due December 16.
  • Please adhere to the billing due date to avoid having your registration terminated. Students with unresolved account balances will automatically be unregistered. For additional information, please read our Financial Policies.
  • Authorized Users can be updated on eCommon, under the Student Services tab by clicking on "Make a Payment."

Once you have registered, your account charges will be updated and your new account balance will be viewable through eCommon or Authorized User.