Supportive Measures

Supportive Measures are available to Emerson community members to provide continued access to education programs and activities, as well as employment. These measures are designed to help students and employees feel safe at Emerson and deter prohibited conduct. Supportive Measures are individualized, non-disciplinary, and non-punitive actions offered at no cost to Reporting Parties, Witnesses, and as applicable to Responding Parties.

Right to Request

Individuals have the right to request Supportive Measures through Access, Equity, & Title IX (titleix [at] or through the Healing & Advocacy Collective without going through the Formal Resolution Process.

The Healing & Advocacy Collective is confidential, free, and available to all Emerson students, staff, and faculty who have been impacted by Power-based Interpersonal Violence (PBIV) no matter where or when the harm occurred. Healing & Advocacy offers confidential trauma-informed support, including confidential counseling and advocacy. Additional information about services the Healing & Advocacy Collective provides is available at

Supportive Measures include:

  • Academic support, such as modifying class schedules or extension of deadlines
  • Assistance with obtaining Court Order of Protection
  • Housing support by altering campus housing assignments (temporary or long term)
  • Implementing No Contact Orders and/or Stay Away Directives through Access, Equity, & Title IX or No Trespass Orders through Emerson College Police Department
  • A formal letter from the Title IX Coordinator stating that someone is unwelcome on the College’s property (often referred to as a Persona Non Grata Letter)
  • Security and monitoring of certain areas of the College campus
  • Workplace support such as altering work arrangements for student, staff, or faculty employees
  • Relocation or reassignment of Reporting Party employment, without unreasonably burdening the Responding Party
  • Providing campus safety escorts
  • Providing transportation accommodations
  • Support of confidential resources including Healing & Advocacy advocacy-based counseling, counseling, Employee Assistance Program, medical and/or other healthcare services
  • Visa and immigration assistance

Additional information about Supportive Measures can be found in Section II.B of Emerson’s Power-Based Interpersonal Violence Policy. The College retains the right to implement Emergency Removals, Administrative Leaves, and other Supportive Measures as explained in the Power-Based Interpersonal Violence (PBIV) Policy.