Team Visit

September 18 through 21, 2022

Overarching Principles

  • Create the self-study within a shared governance framework
  • Use existing faculty and administrative committees where possible
  • Engage the entire campus and give frequent updates: refer to the website

Process Overview

  • Assignment of Co-Chairs (faculty and VPs)
  • Formation of Standards Committees 
  • Preparation of Description-Appraisal-Projection (DAP) forms
  • Individual Standards’ DAP reviewed for feedback by President’s and Provost’s Advisory Committee and Deans’ Council
  • Revision of standards based on feedback (Special Advisor and Assistant Provost working with appropriate committee)
  • Review of collated draft standards by Academic Cabinet, Faculty Council, President’s Council
  • Preparation of full narrative draft (Special Advisor and Assistant Provost)
  • Compilation of statistical data (Institutional Research and Enrollment)
  • Updates to Board of Trustees Academic Affairs Committee (Provost and deans)
  • Editor reviews and standardizes draft narrative
  • Review by Academic Cabinet and President's Council 
  • Review by Board of Trustees
  • Post full draft on password-protected website for community review
  • Submission of draft to NECHE for feedback
  • Revisions made and final submission to the Commission

DRAFT Timeline: Spring 2021–Spring 2022

Fall 2020

  • Prepare packets of materials by standard (2018, 2013 self-studies) — Accomplished
  • Review NECHE letters and identify issues; focus on assessment efforts — Accomplished
  • Discuss with Faculty Council and President’s Council — Accomplished
  • Appoint Special Advisor to the Provost — Accomplished

Spring 2021

  • Brief President’s Council, Identify Committees and Chairs, Create Website
  • Work out timeline with DAPs, draft reviews, collation, narrative, identify writer/editor

Community Update

September 2021

  • Provost Whelan and Special Advisor to the Provost Koundoura meet with SGA and GSA and ask for feedback on Standards 3,4,5
  • Standards’ Data First Forms shared with staff for feedback
  • Provost Whelan and Special Advisor to Provost Koundoura present NECHE Standards progress to Faculty Council and update Faculty Assembly
  • Draft DAP’s sent to Presidential Advisory Committee for review and feedback

Key Committee update

October 2021

  • Draft DAP’s sent to Presidential Advisory Committee for review and feedback

November 2021

  • Draft DAP’s sent to Presidential Advisory Committee for review and feedback

December 2021

  • Draft DAP’s sent to Presidential Advisory Committee for review and feedback
  • Provost updates the Board of Trustees Academic Affairs Committee
  • Revised drafts of DAP submitted to Special Advisor by committees

Draft of Self-Study Narrative Written, Reviewed, Updated, Shared with community 

December 2021 through January 2022

  • Self-Study Narrative drafted by Special Advisor to Provost

January 2022

  • President’s Council and Faculty Council review draft

February 2022

  • Self-Study Narrative updated
  • Self-Study Narrative posted to Emerson protected site for comments by faculty, staff, students; Data-First and E-series forms updated

March 2022

  • Internal comments period closes

Final Draft of Self-study

April 2022

  • Request review of the draft by NECHEstaff
  • Self-study updated; near final draft sent to Presidential Advisory Committee and Cabinet; near final draft sent to Board of Trustees for review in May meeting

May 2022

  • All data links checked and formatting of self-study completed

June 2022

  • Deadline for final self-study and supporting materials; Visiting team Chair preliminary visit

August 2022

  • Self-Study, accompanying materials, affirmation of compliance, supporting documents, and appendices sent to NECHE (4 paper copies and single searchable PDF) and to each member of the visiting team
  • Emerson accreditation announcement providing opportunity for public comment

Site Visit, Report, Response

September 18 to 21, 2022

  • NECHE Comprehensive Evaluation Site Visit

October to November

  • Draft report from visiting team chair sent to NECHE. Draft reviewed and sent to Emerson College President

November to December

  • Emerson response to visiting team report

Winter 2022 to Spring 2023

  • Public Comment; NECHE Review & Decision