Caps and gowns are required for all students participating in a graduation ceremony and may still be purchased online for home delivery. (Shipping and handling is normally $15.95, but has been reduced to $8.00.) Online sales will be suspended between August 7, 2020 and November 30, 2020.

Contact the Annex

If you have questions about regalia, please contact the Bookstore Annex directly:

Barnes & Noble @ Emerson College Bookstore Annex
10 Boylston Place
Boston, MA 02116
bookstore [at]
617-824-8696 (phone)
617-824-8049 (fax)

Regalia Samples

Undergraduate regalia includes:

The undergraduate commencement regalia clothing

  • A black cap
  • A black gown with square sleeves
  • A purple & gold tassel (hangs from right front)
  • A white pin (on left lapel)
  • Package price $47.98 (You may also purchase individual pieces.)

Graduate regalia includes:

The front and back of the graduate regalia clothing

  • A black cap
  • A black gown with tippet sleeves
  • A black tassel (hangs from left front)
  • A hood
  • Package price $78.98 (You may also purchase individual pieces.)

Hood Colors

All hoods have a purple and gold lining. The color of the hood's velvet is determined by the degree:

  • MFA (pictured) is rust brown
  • MA is white
  • MS is gold