Your audition plays a primary role in your admission decision. It gives us the opportunity to evaluate your talent and potential, and determine if you would be compatible with our program.

Please prepare two 1-3 minute contrasting monologues from two contemporary plays (1950-present). You may not be required to perform both monologues at the audition, but be prepared to do so. Choose pieces that are important to you; we are looking for honesty and a strong commitment to what you are doing. At the audition itself, you may be asked to work on your pieces improvisationally, so be sure to have memorized your monologues through exploration rather than by rote.

All auditions are scheduled through the Admission Portal

Although we strongly recommend scheduling a live audition if possible, the Department of Performing Arts does accept video auditions in lieu of live auditions from applicants living outside of the contiguous 48 United States.

The Audition Day

Applicants who are required to complete an acting audition (BFA Theatre & Performance, BFA Theatre Education & Performance) book themselves into a three-hour audition period using the Admission Portal. 

Please arrive 15–20 minutes prior to the audition start time. You will be directed to the check-in room where audition staff will confirm your arrival and take a photo of you. We will not accept alternative headshot photographs in any form.

Anyone accompanying you to the audition will be directed to the Guest Waiting Room. On most audition days in Boston, an information session for guests will be conducted in the Guest Waiting Room during the audition.

The auditions will begin with a brief question and answer period with the audition’s faculty evaluators, after which applicants will volunteer when ready to be brought into the audition room(s) individually. As stated, you may be asked to work on your monologues in a manner that is different than how you prepared. Also, the evaluator might take an opportunity to ask you some questions about your understanding or interpretation of the piece, as well as a few questions about yourself. Our goal is to understand who you are and how you work.

Once your monologue audition is complete, you must check out with the audition staff in the check-in room. After that, you are free to leave. Although you might be finished early in the allotted time slot, please be prepared to stay for the full three hours.

Auditions Outside of Boston

We endeavor to run all of our auditions, in or out of Boston, in the same way. But there are a few differences for auditions outside of Boston:

  • Guests and applicants share the same waiting room.
  • Although we are able to start each audition with a question and answer period for the applicants with the audition’s faculty evaluators, we are not able to offer an information session for guests.
  • We understand that at the Unified Auditions applicants are often trying to fit as many auditions into their available time as they can. We try to be as flexible as we can on the audition day but the best thing that you can do for yourself is to set aside the full time that you have booked with us.