First-year Early Action/Early Decision I

Emerson College Application Deadline: November 1
Musical Theatre Prescreen Deadline: November 5
Artistic Application Deadline: November 15, with auditions and interviews November 5 through 21

First-year Early Decision II

Emerson College Application Deadline: December 1
Musical Theatre Prescreen Deadline: December 6
Artistic Application Deadline: December 15, with auditions and interviews December 17 through January 8

First-year Regular Decision

Emerson College Application Deadline: January 14
Musical Theatre Prescreen Deadline: January 24
Artistic Application Deadline: January 31, with auditions and interviews January 7 through February 13

Transfer Applicants

Emerson College Application Deadline: March 15
Musical Theatre Prescreen Deadline: March 21
Artistic Application Deadline: April 1, with auditions and interviews April 14 through 15

Please be advised that the scheduling of Artistic Reviews is a first-come, first-served process completed by you, the applicant, and space is limited.