Planning Ahead

Transfer applicants to Performing Arts can apply to any program that first-year applicants can apply to; please take a moment to read about our Undergraduate Programs in Performing Arts.

Depending on the number and content of credits transferred into Emerson, transfer students in Performing Arts may begin with first-year Performing Arts coursework and progress through their program from that starting point.

Transfer students to Performing Arts should plan to study at Emerson College for a minimum of three years, four years for BFA Musical Theatre or BFA Acting.

Reminder, Transfer students interested in Performing Arts must submit their completed Emerson College Application by March 15. The Artistic Application deadline (through Accptd) is April 1. For those applying to Musical Theatre, applicant prescreens must be completed by March 21.


Transfer applicants to the Department of Performing Arts whose Artistic Review requires an audition or interview can complete that Artistic Review within the same Artistic Review Schedule as first-year applicants or they can attend the “Transfer Only” interview/audition date in April. The scheduling of Artistic Reviews is a first-come, first-served process completed by you, the applicant, and space is limited.