An Individually Designed Interdisciplinary Program (IDIP) is a major program of study in a well-defined area of interest consisting of courses from two or more academic departments (including the Institute). Students design an IDIP in consultation with the Academic Advising Center and faculty members from the different departments where the coursework is based. Course prerequisites should be included in the program of study or the student’s overall curricular plan, as advised by faculty and Department Chairs. The program of study should total a minimum of 44 and a maximum of 52 credits (11–13 classes).


A student is eligible to pursue an IDIP if:

  1. The cumulative GPA at the time of application is 3.0 or higher.
  2. Programs must demonstrate a clearly defined academic focus that cannot be met by an existing major or major/minor combination.
  3. The IDIP application is submitted no later than the deadline that falls within the second semester of the sophomore year.

The Individually Designed Interdisciplinary Studies Program (IDIP) is available to students who matriculated in Fall 2020 or earlier. Students who matriculate in Fall 2021 or later who are interested in such a program should pursue the Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) major.


  • Students should schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor in the Academic Advising Center (617-824-7876advising [at] (subject: IDIP%20Appointment) ), who will advise on the necessary steps and provide a required final review of the proposal before it is submitted to the faculty review committee.
  • Students must created a proposal for their Interdisciplinary Major, including:
    • Brief Description/Summary of the Academic Focus of the Proposal (100 words)
    • Proposal Narrative (2–3 pages, double spaced)
      • Describe the specific educational and professional objectives of the proposed program and explain how the program of study fulfills these objectives.
    • Proposed Program of Study
    • Degree Audit
    • Signature Page Must include Department Chair(s) and Academic Advising. 
  • After creating the program proposal, students will get a signature of approval from their proposed program's respective Department Chairs and meet with Academic Advising for a final review.
  • Students must print and complete the application form in full, then submit all application materials to the Academic Advising Center, 180 Tremont Street, 4th Floor by the semester's deadline. 

Please note: The IDIP represents a curriculum plan that outlines the requirements a student must meet in order to graduate. As with all other majors, course substitutions or curricular adjustments to approved programs are rare. In cases where an IDIP has been approved and a student encounters problems enrolling in a required course(s), specific changes to the program may be approved provided that the substituted course(s) meet(s) the original intent of the IDIP. Contact Academic Advising for more information.


The deadline for applications is October 10 (Fall semester) and February 15 (Spring semester).