Individually Designed Interdisciplinary Program (IDIP)

Even with the multitude of arts and communication majors and minors from which to choose, students occasionally have a vision that cannot be adequately realized within these offerings. The Individually Designed Interdisciplinary Program (IDIP) allows students to design their own major by combining courses from two or more academic departments, or a department and the Institute, around a well-defined area of interest.

Students design an interdisciplinary major program in consultation with the Office of Academic Advsing and faculty members from the different departments where the coursework is based. A student’s course plan for the major must include a minimum of 44 credits for the BA or the BS. Because IDIPs usually involve the completion of prerequisites in more than one department, students are allowed to include up to 52 credits in the major. To be eligible, students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher at the time of application, and they must complete a petition for an interdisciplinary major program and have it approved by the faculty review committee before beginning their junior year.

For more information about application procedure and deadlines, students should contact The Office of Academic Advising at 617-824-7876 or advising@

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I found myself stuck between two very different majors and knew I would need both to embark on a very specific career path. My IDIP allows me to learn not only the nuances of making great films, but also how to bring them to the masses.