This joint degree program draws on the expertise and reputations of both Paris College of Art and Emerson College. Students benefit from the highest international standard of film and art education within an American academic framework by studying in Boston, Paris, and the Netherlands. Due to the accelerated and joint nature of the degree, the tuition and billing structure for this program varies from that of others at Paris College of Art or Emerson College. Please note that travel expenses are not included in direct billed costs (Tuition, Room, or Fees). Each student will have a different overall cost based on where they originate their travel.

Below are costs for the first academic year. Pricing for the remaining terms of this program will be published later this academic year. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid at finaid [at] with any tuition- or billing-related questions.

Global BFA in Film Art: Year One Estimated Costs

Item Summer Fall Spring
Tuition ($899 per credit) $7,192 $10,788 $10,788
Fees $320 $480 $480
Room and Board $4,300 - -
Room - $6,873 $6,873
Health Insurance - $2,500 -
Tuition Insurance - $160 $160
Group Travel - $700 -
Individual Travel $1,270 $2,400 $2,400
Books and Supplies $300 $825 $825
Miscellaneous Expenses $525 $4,480 $4,480
Total Estimated Costs $13,907 $29,206 $26,006

Individual Travel costs, Books and Supplies, and Miscellaneous Expenses (including meals in Paris and other personal expenses) are indirect costs not billed by Paris College of Art or Emerson College. Figures provided for these indirect costs are estimates and will vary from student to student.