This global program draws on the expertise and reputations of both Emerson and the International College of Management, Sydney.  As a global program, you will spend full semesters and summers in Sydney and Los Angeles as well as Boston, taking classes with top faculty in business, management, and the creative industries, while becoming immersed in the life of companies and organizations from Australia and the US through intensive internship programs.

Due to the unique nature of the degree, the tuition and billing structure for this program varies from that of others at Emerson. Please note that travel expenses are not included in direct billed costs (Tuition, Room, or Fees). Each student will have a different overall cost based on where they originate their travel.

Below are costs for the first academic year. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid at finaid [at] with any tuition or billing-related questions.

Global BA in Business of Creative Enterprises Tuition Cost

Item Summer 2021 Fall 2021 Spring 2022
Tuition ($1,625 per credit) $13,000 (8 credits) $19,500 (12 credits) $19,500 (12 credits)
Student Fee $35 $104 $104
Housing $4,300 $9,760 $9,760
Australian Visa Fee $1,000 (estimated) - -
Travel Fee - $2,500 (estimated) -
Health Insurance - $2,500 (estimated) -
Tuition Insurance - $145 (estimated) $145
Total Estimated Costs $18,335 $34,509 $29,509