In partnership with the International College of Management Sydney (ICMS), in Australia, Emerson is offering this uniquely global Business of Creative Enterprises (BCE) program that takes full advantage of the resources and premium locations offered by both institutions. Different from the flagship Boston-based BCE program, this program allows you to be able to spend full semesters and summers in Sydney and Los Angeles as well as Boston, taking classes with top faculty in business, management, and the creative industries, while becoming immersed in the life of companies and organizations from Australia and the US through intensive internship programs.

This accelerated degree program is powered by a rich management-focused component, at which ICMS excels, and Emerson’s signature style of experiential learning. Not only will you get to travel the world as you build your knowledge, you’ll benefit from Emerson’s focus on communication and the arts, learn data analytics, and explore the fashion, tourism, and hospitality industries at ICMS. Expand your cultural competency as you see how the Creative Industry manifests from one side of the globe to the other.

A Global Approach to Business

During your time in this program, you will spend:

  • Four summers and one semester in Boston. In a city that’s a hotspot for entrepreneurs and startups, you’ll work alongside experienced faculty and students who share your passion for business. You’ll learn to develop strategies and programs, identify cultural trends, tap into new markets, analyze financial statements, and assess risk.
  • Two academic years in Sydney.** ICMS is a highly-regarded, accredited institution focusing on business, management, and marketing. It draws an international pool of students and offers strong internship and professional placement opportunities. Here you’ll study essential business topics such as fashion, economics, finance, accounting, international tourism, hospitality, event management, and more.
  • A semester in Los Angeles. Our west coast home on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles provides you with the opportunity to complete an internship in your desired field. Because we are located in the heart of Hollywood—and are part of a strong, well-connected alumni network—students have hundreds of internship opportunities with industry leaders from which to choose. You will work closely with your faculty to apply to the program for a senior semester experience at this exciting location.

**ICMS CRICOS Provider Code: 01484M. ICMS Study Abroad (2 terms) CRICOS Course Code: 074543A.