Students wanting to minor in Hearing and Deafness are required to complete 16 credits from the courses listed below. Up to 8 credits may apply to both the Liberal Arts perspective requirements and this minor.

Hearing and Deafness Minor

Four of the following:

  • CD 153: Disability and the Media
  • CD 162: American Sign Language I
  • CD 208: American Sign Language II
  • CD 309: American Sign Language III
  • CD 409: American Sign Language IV
  • CD 467: Introductory Audiology
  • CD 468: Aural Rehabilitation

Please note that CD 309 - ASL III and CD 467 - Audiology are typically only offered in the fall semester and CD 409 - ASL IV and CD 468 - Aural Rehabilitation are typically only offered in the spring semester. Also note that CD 467 is a prerequisite for CD 468. There are no other courses that can count toward this minor.

Students majoring in Communication Disorders cannot use CD 162, CD 467, or CD 468 toward this minor.