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Clearly state the name of nominee, his or her Emerson role, and provide the contact information and a detailed rationale of at least 150 words for the nomination in the appropriate fields.

Please provide following information about the Nominee:

What is her/her role at Emerson?
Please note the minimum is 150 words, but do not exceed 250 words. Evidence for the rationale and supporting letters or “seconds” to the nomination are welcome but not required.

Please provide your name and email (even if you are not nominating yourself).

Committee Members

Rabbi Al Axelrad, Chair

Abby Travis, previous award recipient, alumna

Eiki Satake, representative, faculty

Elizabeth Sinclair, representative, graduate

Gabby Kula, representative, undergraduate

Michael Duggan, representative, Office of the President

Nancy Howell, representative, Office of Communications and Marketing

Rachel Gelaw, representative, staff

Suzanne Hinton, previous award recipient, staff

Tamera Marko, previous award recipient, faculty 


Tom Cooper, Faculty, Professor of Visual & Media Arts

Andy Tiedemann, Administration, Vice President of Communications & Marketing