Publishing & Writing Program Requirements

The MA in Publishing and Writing requires 40 credit hours, including:

Required Courses

PB 680 Magazine Publishing Overview                                 
PB 683 Book Publishing Overview
PB 692 Electronic Publishing Overview

MA Project or Course Option

Students in the MA in Publishing and Writing program may choose to produce, as a culmination of their graduate work, a project showing a professional level of accomplishment in publishing. The MA project can be a traditional thesis-type project that explores an editorial or publishing issue in depth by doing appropriate research and analysis. Alternately, it can be a project such as a magazine prototype, a book design project, a website, a book translation, or any other publishing project in which the student exhibits expertise in at least two areas within the publishing industry.

To register for a project, students must write a two-page prospectus in the semester before registering. The prospectus must be approved by the project committee chair. Students may complete a 4-credit Publishing (PB) course in place of the project.