Books by Our Graduates

Selected Books by Emerson MFA Alumni
Author (Class) Title Publisher Date published Genre
Kathleen Rooney
O, Democracy! Fifth Star Press 2014 Fiction
Paul Doiron
The Bone Orchard Minotaur 2014 Fiction
Kirstin Chen
Soy Sauce for Beginners New Harvest 2014 Fiction
James Scott
The Kept Harper Collins 2014 Fiction
Andrew Ladd
What Ends New Issues Press 2014 Fiction
Laura van den Berg
Isle of Youth Farrar, Straus & Giroux 2013 Fiction
Laurie Edwards
In the Kingdom of the Sick Walker & Company 2013 Nonfiction
Matt Rasmussen
Black Aperture Louisiana State University Press 2013 Poetry
Roseanne Montillo
The Lady and Her Monsters Harper Collins 2013 Nonfiction
Brian Sousa
Almost Gone Tagus Press 2013 Fiction
Anne Champion
Reluctant Mistress Gold Wake Press 2013 Poetry

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