Department of Writing, Literature and Publishing

Alumni Profiles

  • tina egnoski

    Tina Egnoski MFA '97


    Take advantage of the other writers around you, both instructors and fellow students. Show them your work. Ask questions: What's working in this story? What's not working? - and listen to what they have to say with an open mind. Read their work and offer constructive criticism with an open heart. It's not about competition, but camaraderie.
  • Chris Lynch

    Chris Lynch MA '91


    Take advantage of what is probably the best population you will ever find in terms of fellow travelers. Get all you can from them, and give all you can to them, because you benefit both ways.
  • Stacy McKee

    Stacy McKee MFA '99

    Staff writer and co-executive producer, ABC-TV

    Educate yourself on all Emerson has to offer. Then, once you've read all about the amazing classes and far-away campuses and dream internships, get started on them. Right now!
  • Felicia Pride

    Felicia Pride MA '05


    Take advantage of everything - from clubs and organizations to travel, connecting with professors and meeting people. Soak it all in. And make the experience your own.
  • matthew salesses

    Matthew Salesses MFA '10


    Editing Redivider, the graduate literary journal, was one of the highlights of Emerson for me. Getting a look at the other side of publishing was really helpful to my writing, and gave me the chance to meet some great writers and people.
  • Laura van de Berg

    Laura van den Berg MFA '08

    Writer, teacher, editor

    A number of experiences at Emerson helped shape my writing: the teachers I worked with, the connections I formed with my peers, the support and camaraderie, the wealth of opportunities available in Boston and its rich literary culture.
  • anne vickman

    Anne Vickman MA '10

    Editor, writer, blogger

    Be proactive! Talk to people. Tell people what you're interested in and make an effort to get to know people in your field. If you put it out there, good things will happen.
  • Eric Wasserman MFA '02

    Author, professor

    Continually rededicate yourself to what you've chosen as your life's passion. It can be frustrating to see your classmates succeeding when you are still struggling. But be happy for them and be steadfast in your own dedication, because your time will come and you will want those peers to be happy for you when it does.