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Citation Tips

For a thorough definition of plagiarism and its consequences, consult the College plagiarism policy.

The graduate Writing Consultants at the WARC are trained to provide assistance to students needing help with summarizing, paraphrasing, and citing sources. We encourage students to make an appointment with a Writing Consultant if they are unsure about, or having trouble with, any of these issues. 

In addition to the services, Emerson College provides two helpful online guides for proper citation:

  • The Emerson Iwasaki Library maintains a comprehensive Citation & Styles guide online.  
  • Giving Credit, A Guide on Why, When, and How to Cite, is a guide produced and maintained by Graduate Studies, the Instructional Technology Group, and the Emerson Iwasaki Library.

For further citation assistance, read the Using Sources to Prevent Plagiarism document.

You can also check out Accredited Schools Online for a good overview of common plagiarism issues. 


Writing Consultants and Academic Success Consultants at the WARC are trained to provide assistance to those students needing help with summarizing, paraphrasing, and citing sources for their classes.