Lacerte Family Writing & Academic Resource Center

Peer Tutoring & Study Support

Welcome to the WARC’s Peer Tutoring Program. Our goal is to provide undergraduate students with course-specific peer tutoring, free of charge.

Finding a Peer Tutor

See the Peer Tutor List for the current list of peer tutors. If you do not find the course you're looking for on the list, call or visit the WARC to formally request a peer tutor. 

Phone: 617-824-7874

Location: 216 Tremont St. (Union Bank Building), Fifth Floor

Peer Tutor Details:
  • Students email their peer tutor directly to set up sessions
  • Meetings will be on campus, at the Library or a computer lab
  • Students must bring necessary class notes and books to each session
  • Sessions are mostly one-on-one
  • We cannot guarantee that we will find a tutor for every request

Instructors may contact Jodi Burrel, Associate Director of Academic Support and Special Programs, with any questions, at 617-824-7874 or

Study Strategies

Make an appointment with Jodi Burrel, Associate Director of Academic Support and Special Programs for the following specialized support:

  • time management
  • writing
  • reading
  • test preparation

Call 617-824-7874 to make an appointment with Jodi!

Study Support Handouts

Test Prep Strategies Checklist

Block Schedule

Technology for Time Management and Studying

Stay Focused While Reading

To Do List

Distraction Checklist & Solutions