Lacerte Family Writing & Academic Resource Center

International Students

The WARC welcomes undergraduate and graduate students who wish to improve their English writing and speaking skills in one-on-one and small-group consultations. Our staff is sensitive to the challenges international students may face in a new academic and cultural enviornment. Below are some of the resources available to international students. Contact the WARC to make an appointment with a consultant or to learn more!

English Language Support

  • Our new English Language Learning Consultants specialize in helping international students and non-native speakers of English who want in-depth work on their writing and language skills. English Language Learning Consultants work with both graduate and undergraduate students.
  • Students may make appointments with English Language Learning Consultants at the WARC for language support, including grammar and vocabulary in writing and speaking. Academic Success Consultants also help with public speaking projects, such as rehearsing class presentations and speeches. 
  • The WARC offers a weekly conversation group hosted by an English Language Learning Consultant during the fall and spring semesters. Students can practice their English conversation by discussing selected topics in American culture and current events. View the schedule and sign up for the Conversation Hour here:!

Academic and Cultural Adjustment

Students may request an appointment with Linda Miller, Associate Director of International Student Services, to discuss any academic and cultural adjustment concerns. These might involve English in the classroom and outside, academic expectations at Emerson, course difficulties, and cultural adjustment issues. Request an appointment by emailing Linda.

Writing Consultations

Although Writing Consultants don't neccessarily specialize in working with international students, they are happy to help any writer with their writing projects. Writing Consultants services include brainstorming, drafting, and revising writing projects.

Helpful Websites for International Students

Diana Hacker-Bedford St. Martins: A Writer's Reference. In the ESL Help section, you'll find exercises on articles, verbs, participles, and prepositions.

Purdue University OWL. Purdue University's extensive online writing center offers writing and English language information and exercises. 

Dave's ESL Cafe. The For Students section of this website discusses popular idioms and slang.

Activities for Students. Interactive quizzes, exercises, and puzzles written by teachers allow you to test your English language knowledge.