Lacerte Family Writing & Academic Resource Center


Scheduling an Appointment

For an appointment with a Writing Consultant:

Writing appointments are most successful when made in advance of the paper's due date. This allows time for revision and reflection. Students may bring any project they are working on. Our appointments typically last 30 minutes or one hour. For the first visit, we recommend that students sign up for a 30 minute writing consultation. Advanced work or large projects may require scheduling a longer appointment. Appointments may be made online, via phone or in person.

Schedule an appointment online at

Phone: 617-824-7874

Visit: The WARC, 216 Tremont Street, 5th floor

For an appointment with an Academic Success Consultant:

Appointments are typically one hour. Bring your course syllabus, assignment sheet or prompt, your class text and/or notes, and any other relevant materials.

To make an appointment call 617-824-7874 or visit the WARC at 216 Tremont Street, 5th floor.