Department of Visual & Media Arts

Student Production Resources

Production Workshops and Safety

We believe that production and safety should go hand in hand. Knowing how to operate state-of-the-art gear safely and properly allows students to successfully achieve their artistic and educational goals. We offer various workshops for students throughout the year, including: Sony F3, Color Correction, Rigging I, Rigging II, Electricity, HMI’s, Panel Lights & Rifa Lights, Jib, and Steadicam.

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Emerson Production Facilties

Emerson College's Department of Television Radio & Film Production (TRF) supports the Visual & Media Arts curriculum and the faculty and students with a wide array of video, audio, film, and new media facilities and equipment. TRF provides support to these facilities with a skilled professional staff of 22 and more than 150 students.

Local Production Resources

  • Local Film, Video & Audio Production Resources
    A list of resources including rental and post houses as well as sites that list freelancers in the area and equipment for sale
  • Networking Sites
    A list of websites where media makers can post to messageboards to announce events, seek advice, and connect with professionals in their chosen field. They also highlight workshops and networking events in the area.
  • Media Blogs
    A list of local and national blogs that keep you updated on what's happening in the media entertainment industry
  • Cinema & Video Resources
    A list of local independent cinemas and video rental shops

Grants & Foundations

  • Grants
    A list of grants and completion funds to assist filmmakers with worthy projects
  • Arts Foundations
    A list of organizations that provide funds to students in various media- and arts-related fields

Festivals & Competitions