Department of Visual & Media Arts

Media Art (MFA) Program Requirements

64 credits to be completed in six semesters (three years):

VM 600 Business of Modern Media
VM 605 Graduate Writing the Short Subject, or VM 606 Writing for Interactive Media
VM 613 Foundations of Image and Sound Production
VM 640 MFA Production Workshop (12 credits over three semesters)
VM 651 Studies in Narrative and Media History
VM 652 Theories of Integrated Media
VM 698 MFA Project (8 credits over two semesters)

Second-Level Production Courses

VM 611 Principles of Sound Production
VM 612 Graduate Sound Design
VM 614 Graduate Studio Production
VM 615 Graduate Film Production
VM 618 Graduate Interactive Media Production
VM 621 Graduate Documentary Production
VM 623 Graduate Directing Actors for the Screen
VM 625 Computer Animation I
VM 628 Experimental Media Production

Third-Level Production Courses

VM 604 Topics in Media Production
VM 619 Advanced Interactive Production
VM 631 Advanced Graduate Documentary Production
VM 636 Computer Animation II
VM 633 Advanced Directing Fiction Narrative


VM 663 Studies in Digital Media and Culture (seminar)
VM 664 Studies in Documentary History and Theory (seminar)
VM 697 Directed Studies
Select 500-level courses