Meet Melina and Matt on their

Journey to Emerson: Part 3

Meet Melina and Matt in their journey to Emerson.

Melina Chadbourn was born and raised in Needham, Massachusetts. She is leaving her hometown, her mom, and her adorable dog Oliver to go to Emerson College. Melina will be spending her time at Emerson as a Theatre major, though she is interested in studying media too. She thinks moving in will be fun, but leaving home will be bittersweet.

Matt Farro is from Minneapolis, Minnesota. He likes to snowboard and wakeboard but never settles on just doing one thing. He is going to miss his friends and family, but he knows it’s time for a change. Matt, a Film major, is psyched about the hands-on experience that awaits him. He hopes that the move-in process is smooth and easy and looks forward to making new friends during Orientation.

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