Where Creativity Rolls Up Its Sleeves

Marketing students turn ideas into action as they collaborate on a project.

Success today requires not only having great ideas, but knowing how to make them actionable. We’ll empower you to do just that. At Emerson, you will do more than learn about the communication and arts industries—you’ll harness your ideas and talent and be encouraged to create.

Our culture is unique. Although we offer the traditional ways to gain experience, such as through internships, we do something else.

From the day you set foot on campus, you will find opportunities to get involved, to practice what you’d like to learn, and to collaborate with your classmates. Outside of class, the Emerson campus buzzes night and day with students actively engaged in the creative arts. You would join them.

Award-winning student-run radio station WERS; television and film organizations; marketing and entrepreneurship programs; theatrical productions; comedy troupes; forensics; political and community service groups; chances to cover the news online, in print, or on air; literary publications. The list of opportunities is practically infinite.

Lifelong Connections

The communication and arts worlds recognize Emerson’s impressive faculty and alumni as leaders in their fields.

How did they get there? They worked hard, took risks, built professional networks, and honed their creativity. At Emerson, you will too.

You’ll find our culture encourages you to think on your feet, build your confidence and skills, and have regular exposure to faculty and alumni. Just as important, you will have the chance to develop lifelong friendships with your classmates who will become your professional network once you graduate.

Emerson is a place where you’ll roll up your sleeves and start to make things happen.

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