Thriving in a Complex World

Complex World
Students at Emerson know how to adapt to new situations. A broadcast journalist for The Emerson Channel, student Pat Lambert uses his knowledge and perspective to capture major events; here a national event on Boston Common.

In today’s fast-paced, global marketplace, the only constant is change. Instant communication and the international exchange of information and ideas are the order of the day. Navigating this complex world requires knowledge, perspective, and, most importantly, the ability to adapt to new situations. Some have suggested that many in the next generation of professionals will change careers as often as their parents changed jobs.

Emerson’s curriculum is designed for intellectually adventurous individuals with diverse interests that traverse traditional academic and creative boundaries. General education courses provide a solid liberal arts foundation in politics, history, philosophy, science, literature, and the arts. Our Institute for Liberal Arts and Interdisciplinary Studies promotes deeper examination through courses that explore interrelationships among the liberal arts and different fields of communication and the arts.

The combination of a focus on communication and the arts coupled with a strong liberal arts education makes all the difference for our graduates. They deeply understand their industries and have spent four years networking with the leaders of tomorrow. At the same time, they have gained skills as writers, speakers, analyzers, and critical thinkers as well as learned how to work with ambiguity and synthesize new ideas.

We partner with the best in the industry, and they tell us they can always spot Emersonians because they know how to approach a problem and get the job done. The foundation provided through their Emerson experiences has given them the tools they need to prove themselves in today’s complex world.

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Liberal Arts

Unlike a conservatory, focused exclusively on specialized training, Emerson is a four-year college that provides students with a rich and diverse liberal arts education.

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