Undergraduate Admission

Performing Arts: Stage and Production Management BFA

Requirements include:


Your résumé plays a minor role in your admission decision. All performing arts applicants must submit a theatrical résumé that may include, but is not limited to, their experience in:

  • Acting
  • Dance
  • Design (for any design aspect of a production)
  • Directing
  • House/Stage management
  • Marketing/Publicity
  • Music (singing, instruments, composing, etc.)
  • Producing
  • Technical run crews
  • Writing
  • Awards/Commendations
  • Classes, workshops, special training

One copy of your Résumé should be submitted through the Artistic Review section of the Application Portal and one copy included in your portfolio.


Your portfolio should consist of partial production scripts that best highlight your work (entire scripts are not necessary) and any accompanying or relevant paperwork such as:

  • Contact sheets
  • Rehearsal and production schedules
  • Scene breakdowns
  • Rehearsal reports
  • Property running sheets
  • Cueing sheets
  • Blocking

We recommend that your portfolio be limited to one three-ring binder no larger than one and a half inches thick.

Please include a copy of your résumé in your portfolio and remember to bring your portfolio to your interview. Your portfolio will be returned to you at the end of your interview.


Your interview plays a primary role in your admission decision. It gives us the opportunity to discuss your portfolio with you, evaluate your talent and potential, and determine if you would be compatible with our program.

Applicants are required to book themselves into a 30–minute interview period using the Artistic Review section of the Application Portal. Interviews are conducted on-campus in Boston and in several cities outside of Boston in accordance with the Artistic Review schedulePlease arrive 15 to 20 minutes prior to the interview start time so that the interview staff can confirm your arrival and take a photo of you. This photo will only be used internally at Emerson College in connection with your application.
Although we strongly recommend scheduling a live interview if possible, telephone interviews are available for applicants who live outside the Northeast United States and for whom the cost of traveling to a live interview site is prohibitive; they are offered in accordance with our Artistic Review schedule.

How to Schedule your Telephone Interview
  1. Apply to Emerson College
  2. Once you receive your Emerson College ID, log in to the Emerson Application Portal and, under “Performing Arts Artistic Review,” select “Access Artistic Review.”
  • Select “Schedule my Interview” from your Artistic Review Checklist and, on the scheduling page, find the link to Slideroom. Set up a free Slideroom account with your Emerson ID and upload your portfolio according to the portfolio guidelines above and the instructions on Slideroom.
  1. Once Performing Arts has received your portfolio we will contact you by email to set up a 30-minute phone interview time in accordance with our Artistic Review schedule.
  • Please be advised that the scheduling of Artistic Reviews is a first-come, first-served process completed by you, the applicant, and space is limited, especially for Artistic Reviews outside of Boston.