Department of Television, Radio & Film Production


TRF (Television, Radio, and Film Production) is an integrated system of facilities, support services and technical implementation for media creation, finishing and interchange across the Emerson campus. Our mission is to provide advanced industry-standard tools and environments, coupled with highly professional support for Emerson students, faculty and curriculum in the areas of media production, post production, and distribution.

The Department of TRF is organized as Production & Finishing Centers, Creative Content Centers, and Engineering:

TRF Production & Finishing Centers

From the Sound Stage at the historic Paramount Theater to the Tufte Television Studios and the Journalism Production Center, Emerson is rich in world-class production environments for Film, Video, Audio, and New Media. Central to the studio, location and field production activities essential to student learning are the film, video, and sound gear offerings available from the Equipment Distribution Center. And for sound design, recording & production, audio post, film & video editing, motion graphics, VFX, compression and distribution technologies TRF has designed and supports a network of professionally-equipped studios and suites to handle student production and finishing needs.

TRF Creative Content Centers

The Emerson Channels  engage a hugely enthusiastic pool of students in the creative content, on-camera talent, and technical execution that exemplify the best in collegiate broadcasting. The Emerson Channels' award-winning original programming is available via live streaming and on Boston cable access.

Emerson Productions offers complete production services - from concept & production through post-production & distribution - for a variety of program types serving the needs of the Emerson community and select non-profit & educational organizations. Advanced students gain professional experience in the spectrum of projects realized every year under the supervision of TRF industry professionals.

TRF Engineering

In TRF Engineering you will find our mostly behind-the-scenes technical gurus responsible for implementing and maintaining the universe of media technology for our facilities.