Senior Class Giving - 2015 Class Gift

What Is the Senior Class Gift?

2015 Senior Class GiftIt’s an annual tradition developed by students as a way for the Senior Class to leave behind their legacy. You don’t have to be an alum to give to Emerson; giving starts now. The Senior Gift is a way for us to begin the tradition of our class’s philanthropy, to better the Emerson experience for future students, and to keep what we loved about Emerson alive. As soon-to-be alumni, giving to the Senior Class Gift is an important step in transitioning from students to alumni, allowing us to retain the EC4Life philosophy post-graduation.

This year we're excited to announce that the Senior Class Gift is a Green Fund that will be used to aid in Emerson's commitment to becoming a more sustainable campus. All proceeds will go towards initiatives that help make Emerson an environmentally friendly college. 

Reasons to Give

  • A generous gift allows future Emersonians to have even better experiences than those of the classes before them.
  • A gift of any size leaves a lasting legacy, but a huge gift can make you legendary.
  • It honors your class’s accomplishments at Emerson!
  • Your gift could help out-raise the Class of 2014, whose Senior Gift totaled just over $11,000!

How to Give

Unsure of how much to give? Here are some ideas:

  • Give $20.15 to honor our class.
  • Give $100 to join the President’s Society and receive invitations to networking events with successful alumni across the country. You may be thinking, “Whoa! I don’t have 100 bucks to give!” but it’s totally feasible! You can give in installments, making incremental payments until June 1. If you start by giving on February 1, that’s only $25 a month. All gifts made by June 30 will count toward the Senior Class Gift.
  • Give what you can. It really isn’t about how much people give, but how many people give. If every 2015 Senior (including those who graduate in December and those who expect to graduate over the summer) gave $10, we would raise $10,580 for the gift!
There are three ways to make your gift:

Note: You can make your gift in installments. Gifts must be received and paid in full by June 30, 2016. Any amount will make a difference.

Celebrate the Gift

  • Go to Senior Gift events during the semester and senior week.
  • Talk about the gift and encourage your classmates to give.
  • Talk to your parents—parents can give, too, and even opt to put their contribution under their student’s name! And that means it would go under your giving history. Find out if your parents’ companies match gifts.