Parents Annual Fund

“Now that my child is at Emerson, how can I help him or her succeed?"

That’s a question we often hear from parents. One good answer is, “You can get involved with the Parents Annual Fund by making a gift and by volunteering your time.”

The resources provided by the Parents Annual Fund are dedicated directly to improving the quality of the student experience at Emerson.

Of course, parents contribute through tuition, room and board, and by supporting their children in myriad ways. At the same time, however, Emerson faces unanticipated challenges and opportunities every year, and a consistent stream of unrestricted philanthropic dollars allows the College to seize those opportunities and make the student experience even better.

Some parents also volunteer, helping to raise money and organize events, speak on campus, or mentor students (other than their own!).

Whatever your preference, we welcome your energy and involvement with the Parents Annual Fund!

Make A Gift

Emerson College recruits and retains a world-class faculty—industry professionals who continue their research here at Emerson—with your gifts.


Many parents help their children grow at Emerson by giving gifts to make sure they have every opportunity to succeed.