International Student Affairs

Getting Around

Emerson College's campus is encompassed by a big city full of and surrounded by many lively communities. There are a variety of ways to travel locally or farther away:

Using the MBTA

Navigating the Subway System

Boston's subway, trolley, and bus service was the first established in the United States. MBTA or "T" service extends to all parts of the greater Boston area, and bus service is available to the outer suburbs. The four main subway lines are color-coded: red, blue, green, and orange. Service generally runs from 5:00 am to 12:30 am. View subway schedules and maps »

Green Line trains, which are labeled by letters, run through downtown Boston and to other city hotspots such as the Back Bay, Fenway, Allston, Coolidge Corner, and the Longwood medical area. The stops closest to campus are Boylston Station, which is at the corner of Boylston and Tremont streets, and Arlington Station, which is at the corner of Boylston and Arlington streets.

The Red Line, which runs to other areas such as Cambridge, Somerville, and Dorchester, is also convenient. The stops closest to campus are Charles Street/MGH Station in Beacon Hill and Park Street Station on Tremont Street.

Using Bus Service

Buses often connect one subway line to another, making it easier to travel without switching trains. Some buses run more frequently than others. Review bus schedules and maps »

Paying to Take the T or Bus

You can purchase a paper subway pass ($2.00 each way for the subway, $1.50 for the bus) or a plastic, renewable subway pass called the CharlieCard ($1.70 each way for the subway, $1.25 for the bus). You can purchase a monthly pass at a T station kiosk or through Off-Campus Student Services. Join the MBTA Semester Pass Program »

Taking the Commuter Rail

Consider taking the commuter rail to locations farther away than the subway can take you. Many students enjoy going on day trips to other parts of Massachusetts and take the commuter rail to get there. Check commuter rail schedules and maps »

The stop closest to the Emerson campus is Boylston Station, which is at the corner of Boylston and Tremont streets.


The Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV), located at 630 Washington Street in Boston, oversees automobile registration and drivers' licenses. When you apply for a license in the United States, a hole will be punched in your home country license before it is returned to you. The following are initial fees:

  • $60 fee to receive your license
  • $25 automobile registration
  • $20 motorcycle and moped registration

Depending on what country you are from, you may be able to transfer your license without any examination, or you may be required to take a knowledge test before receiving a Massachusetts license. When transferring your license, you will not be required to take a road test.

Visit the RMV website for office hours, additional locations, and contact information.

Massachusetts ID Card

Students who do not plan to drive may want to apply for a Massachusetts ID for additional identification. Applications for the Mass ID are issued through the RMV. You may not be issued an ID if you already have a Massachusetts license.


Automobile insurance is required by law in Massachusetts. The cost varies and can amount to more than $1,000 per year. It is also difficult to park in Boston, especially around Emerson. You may apply for a parking permit for the area in which you live by bringing your car registration and apartment lease to the RMV.

Riding a Bicycle

Some students enjoy riding bicycles to get around town. It is important to remember, however, that cyclists must follow automobile travel regulations, and bicycle parking may be restricted in some areas. For safety reasons, cyclists should always wear helmets when driving in the city and lock up their bicycles when they are not riding. A bicycle storage room is located in Boylston Place. Students are required to register their bicycles.

Taking a Taxi

Taxi service is available all around Boston and outside most airports, as well as train and bus stations.  Most taxis, or cabs, use a meter system and charge you depending on how much time it takes to get to your destination, in addition to an initial fee. The average cab ride is $1.80 per mile. Most taxi services operate on a 24-hour basis. When hailing a cab, make sure the words "Boston Licensed Taxi" are on the side of the vehicle. Learn more about Boston's seven authorized taxi companies »

Boarding a Passenger Train or Coach Bus

South Station, located at 1 South Station, is just a walk through Chinatown or quick subway ride from campus, making it easy to travel by passenger train or coach bus to destinations outside of Boston. Learn more about South Station »

Traveling by Air

Boston Logan International Airport is the airport that is closest to Emerson's campus. Because of airport security measures, it is a good idea to arrive at the airport two to three hours before your departure. Some airlines will not allow you to check in if you arrive less than 30 minutes before your flight. Check flight statuses online »