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Emerson Counseling and Psychological Services (ECAPS)

Group Therapy

Group therapy can be a helpful addition or alternative to individual counseling.  At ECAPS, groups are free and confidential and you’re welcomed and encouraged to attend throughout your time at Emerson. Varied topics, as well as general group counseling, are offered each semester, including relaxation and stress management, trauma, and interpersonal concerns. Although it can seem scary or strange to engage in therapy with a group of others, this work offers a helpful, dynamic, and supportive environment from both peers and counselors in which to address your concerns.

Some of our previous groups include:

  • Healing Hands - Let's Talk Group

    Let’s Talk

    Our Let’s Talk groups are open to all students interested in having a safe place to work through various concerns. Reasons for joining can vary widely, including relational concerns, trouble with mood, stress and anxiety, and other issues that may impact your well-being.  Join one of the groups to explore these concerns together.

  • Survivor's Group - Tree image

    Survivor’s Group

    Sexual assault can impact emotional, physical, spiritual, and relational aspects of a survivor’s life, as well as one’s sense of safety.  When joining together, survivors can create a sense of connection, safety, and support among others with similar experiences. Please join us in your healing process.

  • ACOA Group

    ACOA Group

    Have you been impacted by a parent’s or other family member’s alcohol or substance abuse? This peer support group provides a safe place to share experiences and explore the effects of family addiction with those who understand.

  • ACOA Group - Rainbow Image

    GLBTQ Support Group

    Frustrated with labels? Sorting out your own sexual or gender identity? Navigating dating, relationships and sexual experiences? Join us at ECAPS to meet with other students in a confidential space to share experiences, discuss relevant topics and get support.

  • Coping with Physical Disabilities image of healing hands

    Coping with Physical Disabilities in College

    A group for those looking to connect, share stories, and support peers with similar experiences.

  • mindfulness


    This is a drop-in group focused on using mindfulness meditation for managing anxiety, stabilizing mood, and contributing to overall mental and physical well-being.