Orientation Core Staff

  • Julianna B chair

    Julianna B., 2014-2015 Undergraduate Orientation Chair

    Activities At Emerson College: Alpha Epsilon Phi (Sister and New Member Educator; Previously VP of Philanthropy, Philanthropy Chair and Scholarship Chair), Emerson Dance Company (Previously Dancer and Programming Director), Student Government Association (Marketing Communications Department Senator), Emerson Urban Dance Theater (Tap Company Member), miscellaneous activities such as modeling for Atlas and YourMag, and acting in student films.

    Emerson/Boston Favorites:Boston is perfect for its blend of modernity and history. I love window-shopping on Newbury and trying every flavor at Tasti D-Lite. The Paramount studios and Iwasaki Library are easily two of the best spaces on the Emerson campus. Other than that, the Boston Public Library and Museum of Fine Arts are my favorite Boston-specific spots.

    Favorite Thing About Orientation: The vibes! It’s like a giant pep rally and we get to share our pride for Emerson with new members of our community. The positive energy is contagious.

    Your words of advice to a new Emerson student on making the most of their orientation experience: Actually go to events! It’s a lot of a fun and a really easy way to meet lots of new people. Have an open mind and try things, even things that might not sound like they’re the coolest. Everything has a purpose in introducing you to who we are as Emersonians and we want to be able to share that with all of you.

    What do you do to stay connected to your friends and family? My group of friends from high school made a Facebook group in order to keep in touch. We periodically post updates about our lives so even if we don’t get the chance to talk to everyone individually, we still can keep up on what’s going on and not be behind when we see each other over breaks. I call my parents incessantly and hardly a day goes by that I don’t text with them. Even finding a weekly or bi-monthly time to Skype is a great plan.

    What advice can you give to new students on making friends? Everyone is as nervous as you are. No one knows anyone and everyone is just waiting for that person sitting next to him or her to make a move and say hello. Try not to be afraid to make those moves and know that you won’t necessarily meet your best friends during the first week of school or even the first month. Sometimes great ones are worth waiting for!

    Your message to transfer students: You’re as much a part of the family and we’re so happy you’re here. Orientation isn’t just for freshmen; it is for all new students. Try to be open to the idea of getting involved; it is a great way to meet lots of new people!

    Your message to the families of our new students: Welcome to our Emerson family! Your students are in good hands. Be there for them but remember that this is their time to explore and grow for themselves. You’ve given them the tools over the past years and now’s the time to let them use them.

    Julianna in 3 words: Faith, Trust, Pixiedust
  • Caitlyn C.

    Caitlyn B.

    Activities At Emerson College: Undergraduate Students for Publishing, Your Magazine, Atlas Magazine, Emerson College Quidditch

    Emerson/Boston Favorites: I love going into the North End for cannolis at Mike’s Pastry and going to see shows at the beautiful Boston Opera House. I often walk down Newbury Street or visit the Prudential Center to shop and eat. I love going to Chinatown for dumplings.

    Favorite Thing About Orientation: I loved going to see the Dating Doctor at Orientation. It was a fun activity to go to with new friends and we talked, bonded, and joked about it long after Orientation was over.

    Your words of advice to a new Emerson student on making the most of their orientation experience: Go to any of the Orientation activities that interest you regardless of what the other people you have met are doing. You are likely to find more people at these activities that are a lot like you and they will expand your horizons for your activities to pursue through your Emerson career.

    What do you do to stay connected to your friends and family? I try to phone or Skype with many of my family members on a somewhat regular basis to keep them updated on my life. For my friends, we Skype and I make sure to text them whenever I think of something they might find interesting or funny, that way we get to catch up but don’t put too much pressure on our obligations to constantly check in on each other. With a few friends who go to school in Boston, I often meet up with them for lunch or some other activity in order to stay connected.

    What advice can you give to new students on making friends? You will meet a lot of people at Orientation. Some you will never see again and some will become your good friends. It is also important to remember that friendships change and you’ll find people you are closer to as opposed to those you originally hung out with. Be friendly and introduce yourself to people you see. Invite them to hang out or grab something to eat and soon you’ll have people you can depend on.

    Your message to transfer students: This orientation is as much for you as much as it is for the first year students, so go out there and participate in the events and make friends because there are plenty of people who are in the same boat as you and make friends with the OLs too! We are so glad you chose to come to Emerson.

    Your message to the families of our new students: Your students chose Emerson so they are obviously very driven, passionate and creative. Support them in their endeavors in every way that you can and encourage them to get involved because Emerson is designed to help each student succeed in any way that they can. However, it can get stressful and difficult so they need a good support system like you.

    Caitlyn in 3 words: Dedicated. Giggle-y. Friend.

  • Caroline L.

    Caroline L.

    Activities At Emerson College: Orientation, Musical Theatre Society, Group Coordinator for the Haunted House that the Campus Center, Family Weekend Committee, Alumni Relations chair for Zeta Phi Eta, Secretary of Greek Council, Programming Director Emerson Treble Makers and I work at the Campus Center.

    Emerson/Boston Favorites: Emerson: I love the Campus Center (especially the Quiet Lounge), Cutler Majestic and Paramount theaters and the Sound Stage. Boston: I love the Boston Common and the Garden because when you live in the city, you miss having the green around you a lot of the time, and being able to just walk outside of our buildings and have a park outside gives Emerson that much more of a regular campus feel. I also LOVE South Street Diner. Another favorite is my apartment. I love my apartment off campus to death and wish I could spend more time there.

    Favorite Thing About Orientation: My favorite thing about Orientation is all the dancing we get to do. I love the fact that people take pictures of us and our crazy outfits and that duckboats talk about us as they pass.

    Your words of advice to a new Emerson student on making the most of their orientation experience: Go to as many events as you can and meet as many people as you can. It will really help you establish a great friend group and discover which people are going to be your friends in general and which ones won’t. Keep an open mind.

    What do you do to stay connected to your friends and family? I text my friends and my family all the time and Skype with them too. You can always shoot someone a text on the way to class, so if you’re busy, stick to texting. I also am my grandmother’s pen pal so while I’m at school we write letters back and forth to each other. It feels a lot more worthwhile to do that then to text her because she can’t text and letters are just so much more personal.

    What advice can you give to new students on making friends? Talk to as many people as you can and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Go to as many events during Orientation as you and you will continue to meet people that way. Keep an open mind; although first impressions are important, everyone is nervous to make friends so you may not necessarily see someone’s true colors within the first few minutes of talking to them.

    Your message to transfer students: Go to Orientation events. Yes you may have already experience Orientation at a different school but you haven’t experienced Orientation the way Emerson does it. You will meet a lot of cool people you wouldn’t have necessarily met if you hadn’t gone.

    Your message to the families of our new students: This is their student’s time to make new friends and figure out what they want they want their college experience to be like. I would encourage parents to let their students start this journey on their own and I would reassure them that there are plenty of ways for a student to keep in contact with their parents so they do not need to be worried about that.

    Caroline in 3 words: Harmonious. Dedicated. Reliable.

  • Danny L.

    Daniel (Danny) L., 2014 International Pre-Orientation Chair

    Activities At Emerson College: President of Asian Students for Cultural Awareness, Romance Editor for Your Magazine, Orientation, Volunteer at the Campus Haunted House, Fashion Society

    Legend’s Ball, Dragtoberfest, Orientation, Fashion Society, Rareworks, Mercutio Troupe, Emerson Poetry Project’s Poetry Slams, Watching Quidditch, President Pelton. Boston: The Public Garden, The Public Library, National Book Week, Restaurants in the South End, the Seals outside the Aquarium, Cheap Movie Thursdays at AMC Lowes, midnight premiers with other students Rocky Horror, The Garment District, late night fries at Saus, Brattle Bookshop, Raven Bookstore, Harvard, Concerts at the House of Blues, Window Shopping on Newbury, The Esplanade, Food trucks near Copley, Ice Skating on the Frog Pond, the first snowfall on Commonwealth, the Human Right’s Gala

    Favorite Thing About Orientation: Move in. Nothing thrills me more than the energy, the dancing, the excited parents and the happiness of Move In.

    Your words of advice to a new Emerson student on making the most of their orientation experience. Do not be afraid to talk to anybody. Everyone is stepping into new terrain: freshmen, transfers, OL’s, Core Staff, faculty… we’re all getting to know each other. Orientation, much like the college experience, is so much more valuable if you open yourself up and loosen your reservations.

    Your message to transfer students. “New Students” does not just mean freshmen. You are just as important at this college. You might be dreading having to deal with another orientation, but you’ve never seen Emerson’s Orientation. I hope that you can make this school as much of a home as anyone else. Emerson College is lucky to have you.

    Your message to the families of our new students. You’ve left your student in good hands. Don’t be turned off by the costumes and the dancing when you drop off at the curb; we’re also about academics! However, there is so much more here than meets the eye. If you and your new student are looking for an accepting, life-changing place to pursue higher education, then they’re in the right place.

    Danny in 3 words: Stronger than yesterday.

  • Ethan W.

    Ethan W.

    Activities At Emerson College: Emerson Channel, Emerson Independent Video, Musical Theater Society, Rareworks, Kidding Around, Shakespeare Society, Emerson Dance Company, Phi Alpha Tau

    Emerson/Boston Favorites: The EVVY Awards, Boston Celtics/Red Sox Games, Concerts at the Esplanade, Jogging along the river

    Favorite Thing About Orientation: Move-in, because it brings all of the excitement of Orientation combined with the personal touch of meeting with all of the new students one-on-one.

    Your words of advice to a new Emerson student on making the most of their orientation experience: Participate in everything. You will be so glad that you went. Everything is put in place for a reason and that is always highlighted during Orientation.

    What do you do to stay connected to your friends and family? Every Monday, Wednesday and Sunday I call home on my 30 minute walk home from campus. I also text my parents constantly.

    What advice can you give to new students on making friends? Join any club or organization that tickles your fancy. If it sounds interesting, try it. Some of my best friends are people I met at auditions that I ended up getting rejected for, we just met while we were waiting. Try everything that you can, and you’ll meet people with similar interests.

    Your message to transfer students: Everyone at Emerson meets so many new people that are constantly trying new things, that putting yourself into the mix is a lot easier than it may sound. Everyone wants to have new people in their friend groups, organizations and clubs.

    Your message to the families of our new students: There are no shortage of opportunities here. Emerson gives new students the opportunity and more importantly the resources to be successful in anything that they set their minds to while they’re here, they just have to put their minds to it.

    Ethan in 3 words: Collaborative, Creative, Optimist

  • Kieran C.

    Kieran C.

    Activities At Emerson College: Emerson Poetry Project, the catharsis, Emerson Cross Country, Emerson Quidditch House League--Park Street Pulverizers, Cabaret Coordinator, and Orientation!

    Emerson/Boston Favorites: The Cantab Lounge in Cambridge is a must stop for any fans of poetry, the Public Garden, the Esplanade, Maria’s Taqueria. The fact that there’s so much to be explored and discovered in this town is absolutely amazing!

    Favorite Thing About Orientation: The constant dancing and the amazing, positive attitude and environment.

    Your words of advice to a new Emerson student on making the most of their orientation experience: DO EVERYTHING. All of your OL’s meetings? Go to them! All the organizations at the org fair? Sign up for as many as you can! Just throw yourself out there because you get out what you put in.

    What do you do to stay connected to your friends and family? I call home every weekend and text my family and friends sporadically whenever I think of them or start missing them.

    What advice can you give to new students on making friends? Open doors and common rooms are the keys to friendships if you live on campus. If you leave your door open, people are bound to pop their heads in and introduce themselves and the common rooms are a great place to relax and meet new people. Be open to meeting people with new backgrounds. Emerson is so diverse you’re bound to run into people different than yourself. This school is a great place to foster friendship through creativity and collaboration.

    Your message to transfer students: Don’t be afraid to get involved in organizations here! Emerson is incredibly open and diverse and we are always looking for new and unique voices to give us fresh and interesting perspectives.

    Your message to the families of our new students: Your new students are going to have some of their most rewarding experiences at this school. They might mess up, lose sleep or forget to call, but they are pursuing their passions and doing what they love here. Don’t be too hard on them and remember that even if they might forget to show it sometimes, they’re forever grateful for you.

    Kieran in 3 words: Flat footed writer

  • Paul A.

    Paul A., 2014 Parent Orientation Chair

    Activities At Emerson College: Student Government Association - Executive President; Emerson Republicans - Treasurer; EMcomm - Team Member, Temple Twist Account; Greek Council - Professional Events Coordinator; Zeta Phi Eta - Active Member; Communications, Politics, and Law Association - Member; EmersonUNITE - Member

    Emerson/Boston Favorites: Boston: Chacarero (a Chilean sandwich shop near Downtown Crossing, it’s absolute delicious and decently inexpensive); Public Gardens; Frog Pond Ice Skating Rink; Mike’s Pastry. Emerson: Library (specifically the quite area in the way back and to your right)

    Favorite Thing About Orientation: As an OL, my favorite thing would have to be knowing that I’m really shaping the new student’s experience here at Emerson. If the first thing they see is me (or another OL) with a massive smile, ready to move them in and welcome them to Emerson- making them feel like the Emerson community truly is happy to have them here- then I’m happy. Those first five minutes are really the best part of orientation, because if done right, they can impact an entire student’s time at Emerson in a wonderfully positive way.

    Your words of advice to a new Emerson student on making the most of their orientation experience: Go to as many events as you can. All the social events are fantastic ways to make connections with other new students and the info sessions are great ways to find out about cool opportunities on campus. Check the info sessions out even if you think you might not be interested at first because you never know what you’ll fall in love with. I met some of my best friends at random Orientation events and I found out about Freshman Class Council at an info session and I loved it.

    What do you do to stay connected to your friends and family? I call my mom at least twice a week just to check in and chat. My sister and I send each other pictures of cute animals and probably not so cute selfies over text as our main form of communication. I also try to call my grandma at least once a week because she likes to hear from me and chat about her novellas. As for friends, I stay in touch via text or Facebook. Or Snapchat, let’s not forget Snapchat.

    What advice can you give to new students on making friends? Everyone is new- there are other new students in your exact same position: in a new environment, wanting to make friends/form bonds and nervous about entering a new chapter in their lives. During orientation say “hi” to everyone. Don’t think sticking your hand out in an elevator to introduce yourself is weird, it’s not and everyone will be doing it by day 3. Use your common room. Go to all of the orientation events and info sessions tailored to your interests. Get involved in different orgs. on campus at org. fair. I’ll be honest, I was terrified I wasn’t going to make any friends at Emerson and those fears were completely unfounded. It turns out everyone is just as terrified/nervous about making friends as you might be, and so keeping that in mind, getting out there and making connections doesn’t seem like such a daunting task.

    Your message to transfer students: Go to as many events as you can. You have a Sept. 1st move in? Okay, go to the one day transfer orientation. Go to the org. fair. Sign up for anything that even remotely interests you. Go to those meetings- meet new people.

    Your message to the families of our new students: Your student is embarking on a new chapter in their lives where they’ll have the opportunity to grow as individuals and come into themselves. It may be difficult to drop them off now, but you’ll be seeing them before you know it! Oh, what’s that? You want to follow them to their orientation events? Why don’t you go to parent orientation instead? It was specifically tailored for parents of new students!

    Paul in 3 words: Spirited, Collaborative, Sensible

  • Rebecca C.

    Rebecca C.

    Activities At Emerson College: Quidditch, Student Government (Spirit of Emerson Committee), House Usher for ArtsEmerson, Orientation Core Staff

    Emerson/Boston Favorites: I love visiting the Harbor or the Esplanade. After stressful hours doing homework, playing Quidditch, or doing work for the multiple organizations I’m a part of, nothing is more relaxing than sitting down and staring into the water.

    Favorite Thing About Orientation: I love meeting new people. Everyone has a unique and exciting story and just meeting new people opens my eyes to perspectives and cultures I’ve never considered or been a part of. Every person I meet teaches me something new about the world and myself and during orientation I get to meet SO many people!

    Your words of advice to a new Emerson student on making the most of their orientation experience: Try everything! Breathe! Meet new people! Take chances! Get messy! Make mistakes (but learn from them)! Be brave! ROAR! Most importantly, be yourself!

    What do you do to stay connected to your friends and family? I am an avid texter and Facebooker. I message my mother daily and my siblings at least weekly.

    What advice can you give to new students on making friends? Don’t be afraid to reach out to people! You never know who is your best friend in hiding. You’ll meet friends in the most unlikely of places. Keep and open heart, an open mind, be yourself and everything else will fall into place!

    Your message to transfer students: Don’t be afraid to befriend freshmen! Some of my best friends are freshmen! They’re good people. Join clubs and make an effort to go to events. It’s hard to get into an Emerson culture if you don’t participate!

    Your message to the families of our new students: Let your new student soar! Be open to changes and let your student change. They’ll appreciate you a lot more that way.

    Rebecca in 3 words: Bright, Passionate, Understanding