Staff Advisors

  • Sharon Duffy, Associate Dean of Students

    Sharon Duffy, Interim Senior Associate Dean of Campus Life

    Advice to New Students: Ask questions, give yourself time to settle and experience all that Boston and Emerson have to offer, call home often: your family and friends miss you! Don’t forget to breathe!
    Emerson/Boston Favorites: Charles Street, the Public Garden, Chinatown, the Majestic Theatre, our Max Mutchnick Campus Center!
    Favorite Thing about Orientation: Those amazing OLs and RAs with their endless supply of energy, our dedicated Core Staff, the amazing Student Affairs team, The Date Doctor, and meeting our new students and their families!
    Sharon in 3 Words: Positive, Approachable, Professional
    Personal Motto: With awareness, comes responsibility!

    Sharon Duffy, Associate Dean of StudentsAndrew Donahue, Assistant Director, Student Life

    Advice to New Students:  Try everything once and smile
    Emerson/Boston Favorites:  Fenway Park, Harborwalk, and the Boston Harbor
    Favorite Thing about Orientation:  Meeting new students!
    Sharon in 3 Words:  Funny, Caring, Loyal
    Personal Motto:  Do, or do not.  There is no try. 

  • Joshua Hamlin, Assistant Director, Max Mutchnick Campus Center

    Joshua Hamlin, Director, Max Mutchnick Campus Center

    Advice to New Students: For the next 4+ years, you will be faced with many choices and possible directions to take your life into. Don’t be afraid to every so often step off the path you have chosen—there are new trails to be blazed, discoveries to be made, and life’s mysteries to be explored. Taking a new direction doesn’t always mean you are lost, as it could lead you to something completely unexpected and wonderful.
    Emerson/Boston Favorites: The Max and the students and staff within. For Boston, the ability to walk anywhere in the city and find great culture, dining, entertainment, shopping, or just a place to enjoy the scenery—and of course the Red Sox and Patriots (I know, they aren’t technically in Boston).
    Favorite Thing about Orientation: Meeting new students and seeing the hard work the staff put in come to fruition.
    Josh in 3 Words: Dedicated, Energetic, Laid-Back
    Personal Motto: Carpe Noctem (or Diem if you’re a morning person)

  • Steven Martin, Assistant Director, Off-Campus Student Services

    Steven Martin, Interim Assistant Dean of Campus Life

    Advice to New Students: Strive to learn from one another and take advantage of the many wonderful resources and opportunities Emerson has to offer.
    Emerson/Boston Favorites: Cutler Majestic, Paramount Center, South End, Newbury Street
    Favorite Thing about Orientation: The amazing OLs and the excitement that stems from meeting new students eager to join the Emerson community.
    Steven in 3 words: Approachable, Hardworking, Dependable
    Personal Motto: Sing like no one’s listening, love like you’ve never been hurt, dance like nobody’s watching, and live like it’s heaven on Earth.

  • Jason Meier, Director, Student Activities

    Jason Meier, Director, Student Activities

    Advice to New Students: Be brave. Don’t wait until your sophomore or junior year to get involved. Don’t be one of the graduating students who says “I wish I would have gotten involved earlier.”
    Emerson/Boston Favorites: The Majestic Theatre, Parish Café, South End, Newbury Street
    Favorite Thing about Orientation: I love the energy and excitement surrounding the beginning of a new adventure!
    Jason in 3 Words: Caffeinated, Benevolent, Trainwreck
    Personal Motto: “When you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all.” —Futurama

  • Virga Mohsini, Director, International Student Affairs

    Virga Mohsini, Director, International Student Affairs

    Emerson/Boston Favorites: The Majestic Theatre and the Public Garden for long strolls
    Favorite Thing about Orientation: The incredible energy/friendliness of ALL the OLs, RAs,etc. Watching all that energy on Move-In Day beats any need for coffee all week!
    Virga in 3 words: Interculturalist, Mom, Eternal Student
    Personal Motto: Hope for the best in any situation, but plan for anything in between.