Learning Communities in the Residence Halls

Living Green

Few communities are defined by their commitment to conservation and sustainability, but that is precisely what residents will find in the Living Green Learning Community. There are so many issues at the forefront of today's environmental debate; pollution, sustainable food production, over-population, alternative energy, and recycling are just a handful of examples. The community consists of students ranging in experience with environmental causes as well as a variety of viewpoints on the issues. Our overall goal is to create a welcoming and dynamic space for open communication and open-mindedness.

Students in the Living Green Learning Community will participate in earnest and open discussions about environmentalism through an ethical, scientific, political, and sociological framework, community service, field trips, team-building, and an overall dedication to sustainable living. Some programming highlights in the past have been the Living Green Thanksgiving and the annual Lights Out program scheduled in tandem with Piano Row’s Halloweek programming. 

The Living Green Learning Community is located on the 3rd floor of the Piano Row Residence Hall, a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified facility, on a space-available basis.

"Even though I originally did not intend to be on the Living Green floor, I've seen it as one of the most beneficial ways Emerson has impacted my own personal beliefs. Not only did I learn about sustainability and morality in the food production world, but it changed the way that I look at food and I learned the importance of knowing what you're putting inside your own body. I've also learned the importance of sustainability in the environment and how much of impact I alone can have on the earth with just making some simple changes to how I live and act."