Housing Selection Process

Open Room Selection

Students may initially apply for Open Room Selection in order to select a space by themselves or with one or two roommates.  In addition, students who applied for a Learning Community or Suite Selection but did not receive approval for these selections will be assigned a day and time to select during Open Room Selection. Through Open Room Selection, students will have an opportunity to select from rooms in the Little Building, Piano Row, the Colonial, or Paramount.

Even if you are not applying for a Learning Community, Suite, or Gender Neutral Housing selection, you still must complete the online housing application by 11:59 pm on friday march 14, 2014.

Roommate Selection

Students choosing a double or triple room during Open Room Selection may "pull in" a roommate(s) as long as s/he was assigned a Housing Selection Number.

Students may only "pull" roommates into suites if their room is a double occupancy room. They may not select a room and “pull” another student into a different room within that suite.