Housing Selection Process

Full Suite Selection

Students interested in living with a specific group of students in a Little Building, Piano Row, Colonial, or Paramount suite need to complete a suite application to be considered for participation in Full Suite Selection.

Students interested in living in a suite who do not have a specific group of people with whom they’d like to live will have the option of selecting a room within a suite through Open Housing Selection, should space in a suite be available.

Full Suite Selection provides students who have completed a suite application and receive OHRL approval to select to live with a specific group of friends in a specific suite type.

How do I qualify?

Depending on demand, some suite groups may not be able to be accommodated. The denial of a suite group for Full Suite Selection results in each member of that group selecting housing through Open Housing Selection.

In order to determine who can and cannot participate in the specific selections, the following will occur:

  • OHRL will determine the number of suites available per suite selection type.
  • Applications will be retrieved from the online application.
  • OHRL will look at the number of complete applications submitted per suite type.
  • If the number of complete applications for a particular suite type exceeds the number available, the groups that are approved for Full Suite Selection will be selected randomly from the pool of completed applications.

Full Suite Selection process

  • Consider the policies that apply to living within a suite:
    • Students are responsible for cleaning and maintaining suites according to health and safety standards prescribed by the College.
    • Custodial staff does not provide service to occupied suites.
  • Determine with whom they would like to live and in what building and suite type.
  • Complete the online housing application including the Full Suite Selection Application page by 11:59 pm EST on Friday, March 20, 2015.

What to consider

  • A limited number of suites are designated for Full Suite Selection, and a limited number of spaces are set aside in suites for Open Housing Selection. Therefore, it is possible that not all suite applications will be approved, and it is possible that the suite group’s first choice for a suite or building may not be available at the time of selection.

  • Applications are not approved on a first-come, first-served basis, so please take your time in completing your application.

  • OHRL will only accept COMPLETED suite applications for consideration in Full Suite Selection. All members who wish to be a part of your suite must submit an application, and every member must list the other members' ID numbers as requested roommates on the Housing Application.

    • A completed application means that any space available in a suite must have the name of a proposed occupant. That is, a 4-person suite application needs to include the name of four students, a 5-person suite application needs to include the name of five students, and a 6-person suite application needs to include the name of six students.

    • If the suite group is interested in Gender Neutral Housing, they must also submit a completed Gender Neutral Housing application.

  • Members of the suite group are only eligible for the type of Full Suite Selection specified on the form. For example, members of a 4-person application are only eligible for 4-person Full Suite Selection and will not be considered for a 5- or 6-person suite. Therefore, four students cannot apply for a 6-person suite.

  • Students with a serious history of misconduct may be restricted from selecting into a suite. Such instances will be determined on a case-by-case basis, and the Office of Housing and Residence Life will contact the person involved.

Notification Process

On Monday, March 30, students will receive an email to their Emerson email account regarding their status within Full Suite Selection, along with directions on how to select housing.


All members of suite groups approved for Full Suite Selection will receive an email notifying them of their group’s appointment time to select housing. In addition, this email will identify the person from the group who will log into the online application to select group member’s specific room within the suite.


Members of suite groups denied participation in Full Suite Selection will be assigned to Open Housing Selection and will receive an email notifying them of the day and time of their selection. During Open Housing Selection, students will have the chance to select into any available room including rooms within suites.