Sexual Assault Resources

For Faculty & Staff

A student victim of sexual assault may disclose information regarding the assault to any member of the College community.

Any Emerson community member who is not a member of the Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) who receives first-hand information that a sexual assault has occurred should strongly urge him or her to report the event to one of the departments that comprise SART. 

SART members include professional staff from the following departments and centers: Emerson College Police Department (ECPD), 617-824-8555; Counseling and Psychological Services, 617-824-8595; Center for Health and Wellness, 617-824-8666; Dean of Students, 617-824-8640; Human Resources Department/Title IX Coordinator, 617-824-8580; Office of the General Counsel, 617-824-8908; and Housing and Residence Life, 617-824-8620.

Do not hesitate to call any member of SART for consultation and/or assistance.

Sexual Assault Team members will take the following steps as appropriate:

  1. Ensure the safety of the student survivor.
  2. Encourage the student survivor to seek immediate medical treatment to one of the local hospitals. Encourage the student survivor not to shower/bathe, brush teeth, comb hair or change clothes prior to obtaining treatment in order to protect any evidence that can be gathered. The student should bring a change of clothes to the hospital, as clothing worn during the assault will be collected for evidence. If the student survivor has already changed clothes, the clothing worn during the assault should be placed in a brown paper bag and brought to the hospital.
  3. Inform the student survivor of the appropriate resources on campus, such as Counseling and Psychological Services, Center for Health and Wellness, the Campus Police, the Dean of Students, Title IX Coordinator or Housing and Residence Life.
  4. Encourage the student survivor to seek emotional support.
  5. Inform the student survivor of his or her option to file a complaint with the Dean of Students (if the perpetrator is also a student), to report the crime to the Police Department or the District Attorney’s Office of jurisdiction where the assault occurred, or take no administrative/legal action.