For Faculty and Staff

Emerson prohibits sexual assault, stalking, and abusive relationships. If students, staff, faculty, or college affiliates disclose sexual assault, stalking, or abusive relationships to you:

Care for the individual:

  • Ask if they feel safe.
  • Tell them you are sorry this happened and because you are concerned, it is important for you to share this information with the Title IX coordinator so the campus can ensure safety for the individual and Emerson Community.

Connect them with resources:

  • Provide non-judgmental support, such as, “I believe you, you are not to blame, how can I help?”
  • Share the on and off campus resources below.
  • Offer to call Violence Prevention & Response for confidential support.

Let the person know you will keep this private, and will only share this information with the Title IX Coordinator who will contact them.

Title IX Coordinator: Pamela White, Office of Diversity & Inclusion, (617) 824-8999;

IMPORTANT: If they do not want to proceed, offer to call Violence Prevention and Response at (617) 824-8857 for confidential support, information, and options.

Sexual Assault: Any unwanted sexual activity.

Consent: active and enthusiastic mutual participation in any sexual activity.

Stalking: repeated and unwanted actions directed at a person, causing fear or discomfort.

Abusive relationship: a pattern of behaviors used to isolate and control, threaten, and/or harm the partner.

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There are many concerned and professionally trained people at Emerson College and in the community who are prepared to help you. The College offers advocacy and support for students and employees through Violence Prevention and Response.

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Support: The Office of Violence Prevention & Response is free, confidential, and staffed by trained advocates who will assist all members of the Emerson community by providing support, information, options, and resources.

  • Violence Prevention & Response: (617) 824-8857

Reporting: There are options for reporting.

If anyone would like to file a report with Emerson College, contact the Title IX Coordinator.

  • Title IX Coordinator: (617) 824-8999

In addition, employees can report to:

  • Human Resources: (617) 824-8580

The Emerson College Police Department can receive police reports and/ or respond to emergencies.

  • Emergency Line: (617) 824-8888
  • Main Line: (617) 824-8555
  • 911

Everyone has the right to be safe and free from violence, no matter your Emerson College affiliation (undergraduate/graduate/international students, staff, and faculty), sex; gender identity and expression; sexual orientation; race; ethnicity; national origin; faith; socio-economic status; ability; age; and citizenship status.

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