Violence Prevention and Response

Options and Resources

When someone has been impacted by violence or harm, they may find it helpful to talk with someone about their feelings, rights, and options. The College offers advocacy and support for students and employees through Violence Prevention and Response. Below is a list of additional on and off campus resources.

Confidential Advocacy

Sexual assault, stalking, and abusive relationships:
Emerson College Violence Prevention and Response 617-824-8857
Sexual assault:
Boston Area Rape Crisis Center (24/7) Helpline 800-841-8371
GLBTQ DVP Sexual Assault Helpline 617-779-2127
U.S. National (24/7) Helpline 800-656-4673
Netherlands: Slachtofferwijzer (24/7) Helpline +31(0) 887 55 55 88
Czech Republic: Elektra (24/7) Helpline +42(0) 603 81 23 61
Rape Crisis Network Europe

Americans Overseas Domestic Violence Crisis Center
and the Sexual Assault Support  & Help for Americans
Abroad Program


Additional International Resources
Stalking and abusive relationships: 
Massachusetts Safelink (24/7) Helpline 877-785-2020
The Network La Red (24/7) Helpline (LGBTQ specific) 617-742-4911
GLBTQ Domestic Violence Project (24/7) Helpline 800-832-1901
U.S. National (24/7) Helpline 800-799-7233
Netherlands: Slachtofferhulp (Survivor Help) Helpline +31(0) 900 01 01
Czech Republic: Rosa Helpline +42(0) 602 24 61 02
International Directory of Domestic Violence Pages

Americans Overseas Domestic Violence Crisis Center
and the Sexual Assault Support  & Help for Americans
Abroad Program


Confidential Counseling

Medical Care

Ambulance Local (U.S.) 911
Kasteel Well and Prague (Europe) 112
Emerson College Center for Health and Wellness 617-824-8666
Hospitals with Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners:
Boston Beth Israel-Deaconess Hospital (617) 754-2450
Boston Medical Center 617-414-4075
Brigham and Women's Hospital (617) 732-5636
Cambridge Hospital 617-665-1430
Massachusetts General Hospital 617-724-4100
Los Angeles:
LAC + USC Medical Center (323) 409-1000
UCLA Medical Center (310) 319-4000
Washington, D.C.: 
MedStar Washington Hospital Center 800-641-4028
VieCuri Hospital (Venray) +31(0) 478 52 22 22
Maasziekenhuis Pantein (Boxmeer) +31(0) 485 84 50 00
Czech Republic:
FN Motol +31(0) 224 43 11 11
Gynecological Clinic +31(0) 296 51 12 13


Emerson College Police Department: Emergency 617-824-8888
Emerson College Police Department: Safety Escort 617-824-8555
Local Police (U.S.) 911
Police (Europe) 112
Local Emergency Numbers around the World

Title IX

Emerson College Title IX Coordinator 617-824-8999
     Deputy Title IX Coordinator - Los Angeles 323-952-6410
     Deputy Title IX Coordinator - Netherlands +31 47850 7112

additional emerson resources

Emerson College Los Angeles 323-952-6411
Washington, D.C., Program 202-238-7900
Kasteel Well Program +31(0) 478 50 71 19
Prague Program +42(0) 220 51 68 16
Dean of Students Office 617-824-8640
Employee Assistance Program (confidential) 800-828-8025


The Emerson Police Department offers several options for students to pay for taxi rides.
Pay With ECcash
Use Your ECCash card with the following cab companies in Boston:
Boston Cab 617-536-5010 or 617-262-CABS (2227)
Metro Cab 617-782-5500
617 TaxiCab 617-829-4222 or 617-TAXI-CAB
ITOA Taxi 617-338-8294 or 617-338-TAXI
Learn More about your ECCash Card.
Don't have cash? Forgot your debit card in your residence? That's okay. Just swipe your student ID and pay.

Touch screen option: Hit the "Student ID" option and select Emerson from the list of icons. Pay as you would with a credit card.
Pay With Vouchers
Emerson College has a contract with a local taxi service that provides a voucher program. If you know you will be out after dark and would prefer to come back to campus by taxi rather than public transport, you may sign out a voucher at the EC Police Department Office. The cost will be billed to your student account.

For this option, please call the number listed in the voucher only, as other taxi companies will not honor the voucher. The taxi cab response time will depend on weather conditions, time of day/night, and/or day of the week.