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Immunization Clinics

Beginning September, walk-in immunization clinics are held every Tuesday and Thursday without need for an appointment. If an immunization clinic conflicts with a student’s schedule, they may attend one of our additional, rotating dates listed on eCampus. We do not schedule appointments solely for immunizations.

Vaccines are available while supplies lasts; cost varies depending on the type of vaccine. Students with the Aetna student health plan will have 100% of the cost of the vaccine covered up front. Students with outside insurance may still be vaccinated, and the cost will be charged to their Student Account. Since coverage varies with every insurance plan, cost reimbursement for vaccination is the responsibility of the individual student. The Center does not charge insurance companies directly.

Required Immunizations

Per the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the Boston Department of Public Health, students are required to receive the following vaccines prior to enrollment:

  • Two doses of MMR vaccine (Measles, mumps & rubella), OR
    • Two doses of a measles vaccine + 2 doses of a mumps vaccine + 2 doses of a rubella vaccine, separately
  • Three doses of Hepatitis B vaccine
  • One dose of Tdap vaccine within 10 years (Tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis (whooping cough), adult dose)***
  • Two doses of Varicella(chicken pox) vaccine, OR proof of disease (official medical record or confirmed by a clinician in writing)
    • No documentation is required if you were born in the United States before 1980
    • Note: two doses are required for Communication Disorders majors, regardless of history of the disease or age
  • For undergraduate students only: One dose of Meningococcal vaccine within 5 years OR a meningococcal waiver (see below)

***Please note that the Tdap vaccine required is an adult dose, and includes immunization against diphtheria and pertussis. Tetanus boosters and childhood immunizations may not be sufficient. Check your medical records thoroughly.

Detailed information on immunization requirements can be found in the Entrance Health Form. If you are unable to provide verification of full immunization dates (MM/DD/YYYY format), you may submit a laboratory report of immunity via blood test. Contact your health provider to arrange for blood testing. If you have a medical condition that prevents immunization, have your clinician complete the medical exemption on the bottom of the immunization verification form. If immunization contradicts your religious belief, you may complete a religious exemption agreement.

Students must demonstrate compliance with all health requirements prior to entrance, or students will not be permitted entry into academic buildings or residence halls.

Meningococcal Immunization

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires all undergraduates to either receive a recent Meningococcal vaccine OR complete a Meningococcal waiver form upon entrance to the College. Unfamiliar with meningitis and unsure if you should get the vaccine? See detailed information about the disease from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

The Center offers vaccines against meningitis during our immunization clinics to all undergraduate students and eligible graduate students.