Family Weekend 2016

About the Committee

Family Weekend is a student-led committee that plans, organizes, staffs, and promotes Emerson College Family Weekend. Students are selected to be a part of the committee because of their passion for Emerson, knowledge of campus and excellence in leadership.

Joshua Shelor - Chair
Hometown: Woodstock, VA
BA Theatre Studies, Acting/Directing, 2017
What about Emerson are you grateful for? Where I grew up, there was not a lot of room to grow, nor was there a lot of funding to create your own work. At Emerson, I have been fortunate enough to work on things I am passionate about. So many people do not have that opportunity, and I feel I would not be the person I am today without the people I have met and the work I have done at Emerson.
Fun Fact: I shared my first cell phone with my twin brother until we were 16.

Katie Zepf - Welcome Center Director
Hometown: Rocky Hill, CT
Writing, Literature, and Publishing, 2017
What about Emerson are you grateful for? I am so grateful for the kindness, energy, and hard work that makes the spirit of this community like no other. There is always someone to meet, someplace to go, and something to learn. I'm constantly inspired.
Fun Fact: Keenan Thompson once apologized for bumping into me in a hallway.

Sydney Hannibal - Welcome Center Assistant
Hometown: Miami, FL
Marketing Communications, 2018
What about Emerson are you grateful for? I’m grateful I came to Emerson because it exposed me to a magnificent collection of people. I’ve been able to witness so many beautiful projects and creations and seeing the care and dedication that goes behind that is incredible. It’s also allowed me to question myself and grow and realize I too am capable of fantastic things as long as I put in the effort and the work.
Fun Fact: I often times cry when I see a nice dog.

Emily Jaymes Feldstein - Special Events Coordinator
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
IDIP Event Management and Marketing, 2017
What about Emerson are you grateful for? In no other place could I be amongst peers who, with the utmost respect, acknowledgement and support of my personal experiences, guide and challenge me academically and professionally in my endeavors. Emerson has taught me what constitutes a professional but even more importantly, what constitutes a good person. I know I am part of a community that cares about the work I do and will stand beside me, years beyond graduation.
Fun fact: I can’t draw but I’ve been told I’m pretty good with an etch-a-sketch.

Dante Flores - Emerson Stage Representative
Hometown: Dallas, TX
BA Theater Studies, Acting 2019
What about Emerson are you grateful for? I'm grateful much of the culture of Emerson is based on content created by the students.
Fun Fact: I do a wicked Nicholas Cage impression.

Arianna Conte - President’s Breakfast Director
Hometown: Johnston, RI
Political Communication Major, Marketing and Journalism Minors, 2018
What about Emerson are you grateful for? Emerson has provided me with more personal and professional opportunities than ever thought possible. Here I have been able to challenge myself, try new things, and collaborate with people as passionate about their various interest as I am. Students at Emerson are allowed to create, be involved, and shape their future in a very direct way not found at other colleges, and those unique abilities are something I am incredibly thankful for .
Fun Fact: My dad was a professional paintball player.          

Ian Mandt - President’s Breakfast Assistant
Hometown: San Antonio, TX
Visual and Media Arts, 2018
What about Emerson are you grateful for? I am grateful most everyone at Emerson is dedicated beyond belief to the things they do and are more than willing to let other people get involved. Most people are involved in something co-curricular, which is hard to do at another school and I have met so many incredible people due to that alone.
Fun Fact: I recently shoot Art Garfunkel's hand.

Suzie Eidmann-Hicks - Marketing Director
Hometown: Colt’s Neck, NJ
IDIP Entertainment Business Leadership, 2018
What about Emerson are you grateful for? Emerson has shown me how to be proud of who I am and has helped me pursue my dreams. Emerson provides not only a vast amount of resources for students to get advantageous experience in their field, but the community and support that students need in order to want to be in that field in the first place. Emerson inspires us to be brave, honest, and hardworking, and I am grateful for that.
Fun Fact: I went to 10 proms in high school

Tom Little - Member at Large
Hometown: Norwood, MA
Journalism Major, Marketing Minor 2017
What about Emerson are you grateful for? I am grateful for the opportunities I have received at Emerson. I was able to create my own sports analytics and commentary show for one of the TV organizations on campus. I pitched it last fall for the spring semester and it was picked up, and it has been everything I wanted. I appreciate all of the opportunities and chances I have received, and at Emerson, there are so many.
Fun Fact: The Natural Color of Rubber is White. Rubber is made black by adding various chemicals, such as carbon black. This isn't just for cosmetic reasons, but because adding chemicals like carbon black to the rubber drastically increases desirable qualities of the rubber.

Meaghan McDonough - Member at Large
Hometown: Chelmsford, MA
Writing, LIterature and Publishing, 2017
What about Emerson are you grateful for? The faculty here at Emerson are some of the most professional but personable people I've ever met. Most--if not all--of them take it upon themselves to make sure that students are making connections and moving forward in their career field. Not only that, but they're also really, really nice! I'm grateful for having gotten to meet them and show them my work.
Fun Fact: I traveled to Cuba with one of the aforementioned faculty members this past summer. It was so much fun!