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The 1-Credit Professional Development Experience (PDE) is open to eligible undergraduate students, and allows students to apply for 1-credit for a qualifying experience. The Summer 2014 PDE Deadline has passed.  The Fall 2014 PDE Deadline is Monday, October 20, 2014 or the start date of the experience (whichever date comes first). Please note each academic department has a 25 student limit per semester.

Basic Requirements include:

  • Students must have completed a minimum of 2 semesters of college level work, with at least one semester at Emerson, and have a minimum Emerson GPA of 3.0.
  • The 1-credit PDE requires a minimum of 60 hours of work to be completed over a 2-12 week period. The experience must be registered in one of the 3 regular terms: Fall, Spring, or Summer.
  • If approved, the student will pay tuition for 1-credit for the term in which the experience is registered. See Student Services for tuition rates.

Note: Students can access the full policies and course requirements in the Resource Library on eHire.

Approval Process:

  • Student is offered an experience that meets the criteria for the 1-credit PDE.
  • Student emails Kate Privert ( for instructions and link to workshop.
  • Student views the required PDE workshop, and fills out the PDE form (accessible on eHire).
  • Kate Privert reviews the form, and sends it to the host organization supervisor designated by the student, along with a link to the host organization supervisor form.
  • Kate Privert sends both forms to the Faculty Sponsor to review.
  • If the Faculty Sponsor approves the Experience, he or she notifies Academic Affairs.
  • Student is enrolled in PDE course in their department, and notified to pay tuition (if necessary).
  • Student and Faculty Sponsor discuss dates and deadlines for Course Requirements.
  • Student begins the Experience.

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