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Internship Approval Process

Do I have to receive academic credit for my internship?

No, you are not required by Emerson College to do an internship for credit. Some employers require that students receive credit for internships. Other employers are willing to employ a student as a voluntary intern, in which case, the student does not need to meet the College’s requirements.

When can I do an internship for credit?

An undergraduate student with a 2.7 GPA and a minimum of 64 credits completed is academically eligible to take an internship for credit as long as the student has taken the required prerequisite course(s) for the internship course (see your course catalog). Graduate student eligibility varies by department (see your course catalogue). Internships can only be completed within a student’s major/program. Please also see: Internship Policies for Students and Host Organizations.

All students must also complete the Internship Workshop to learn additional requirements (weekly hours, duration, etc) regarding eligibility for receiving credit. The internship workshop is online, and you must contact Kate Privert to receive access to it. Meeting the eligibility requirements is just the first step—an internship opportunity must be approved by your departmental internship coordinator in order to earn academic credit.

How do I start the process?

For all students who are completing an internship for credit anywhere other than Los Angeles, your first step is to contact Kate Privert for further instruction on how to proceed with the approval process for internship credit.

Checklist – Internship Approval process:
Note: this process is for credit-bearing internships only.

  1. Search for internship opportunities, beginning at least 1-2 semesters prior to the semester you plan to intern.
  2. Discuss options you are considering with your Departmental Internship Coordinator to ensure that they are appropriate for your major.
  3. Secure an internship offer. 
  4. Email Kate Privert for full instructions on the approval process and a link to the required online internship workshop.
  5. Watch the workshop to become familiar with the policies and requirements for credit-bearing internships and to learn about the steps of the approval process.
  6. Register (and pay) for the 499 or 690 internship course within your major.
  7. Submit a Learning Agreement on eHire. Please contact Career Services if you need your login information.
  8. Secure signatures on your Learning Agreement from your site supervisor and your DIC by the internship registration deadline.
  9. If you are an international student who requires CPT to do your internship, you must also complete the CPT authorization process and secure a signature from Virga Mohsini on your Learning Agreement.
  10. Begin your internship during the designated starting time frame, which will be explained in the workshop as well.

How do I find an internship?

Students are not placed in internships. It is your responsibility to find and secure your own opportunity. However, there are resources available to help you such as Career Services’s online database of internships and jobs, eHire. Additional resources are available at Career Services.

When/how do I register for the internship class?

If you wish to receive academic credit for an internship, you must enroll in one of the internship classes offered within your academic department. Please note that some internship courses have prerequisites; consult the current course catalogues for details.

Registration is similar to that for other classes. During your designated registration time, select the internship course in your department and major. You do not need to have an internship secured in order to register.

Do I have to pay for my internship?

If you are taking your internship for credit, you must pay tuition for the internship class just as you would with any other class. For costs and details, please contact the Registrar’s Office.

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