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Career Services

Job & Internship Resources

The Career Resource Library is open during business hours, and includes many national industry directories, hundreds of career-­‐related books, resource guides, and other publications for all Emerson majors.

Career Resource Library

eHire is a database of all things career related including an internship/job search function and an employer directory to search for contacts. There is also a collection of resource guides and internship information in the Resource Library.


Delicious is a social bookmarking site that allows websites to be saved and tagged. Career Services has archived hundreds of sites. All majors and industries are represented including information for the job search or internship advice.


Facebook allows for events to be publicized along with longer summaries of interesting industry information.

Career Services Facebook page

Twitter has quick updates and tweets to interesting career related articles.

Career Services Twitter page

Undergraduate Career Development Timeline

Not sure where to start in planning your career during your four years here at Emerson? Let us guide your way »

Resource Guides

PDF versions of these resources are available on eHire »

Resume and Cover Letter Writing

Networking and Interviewing

Other Resources