Professional Affiliated Chapters

American Marketing Association

Emerson College’s Collegiate Chapter of the American Marketing Association, known as American Marketing Association at Emerson College, is an international organization for undergraduate and graduate students who wish to be involved in the marketing field.

The main objectives of our chapter are: To enhance student education through a variety of marketing workshops, speaker series, and seminars; to assist in the development of members’ professional skills; to provide members with opportunities to interact with other collegiate chapters in the Boston area; and to provide networking opportunities to our members

Communication Sciences and Disorders Journal Club (CSDJC)

The purpose of the CSDJC is to serve as a forum for students to engage in discussion about research related to the variety of majors that Emerson College offers; to provide opportunities for students to present research findings to others in a controlled and supportive environment; and essential to its organizational purpose, the CSDJC will strive to create a relaxed, collegial, social environment for scholarly discussion in such a way as to differentiate it from similar academic pursuits conducted in undergraduate and graduate courses at Emerson College.


EmComm is a student-operated and faculty-advised marketing communication agency dedicated to providing students with hands-on experience in the areas of advertising, public relations, promotion, graphic design, and computer graphics. EmComm services are available to on- and off-campus organizations.

Office Location: 150 Boylston Street, Room L154;

Emerson Forensics

It is the mission of Emerson Forensics to encourage students to participate in intercollegiate speech and debate, to be aware of important national and international issues, to train students to speak in public forums, and to critically examine the world around them. Emerson Forensics is dedicated to helping students become more informed, thoughtful citizens who can communicate their ideas, thoughts, and opinions effectively. Those interested in competing in forensics should contact the team’s director, Heather Erickson

National Association of Hispanic Journalists

The National Association of Hispanic Journalists is dedicated to the recognition and professional advancement of Hispanics in the news industry .Our goal is to provide Emerson journalists with opportunities to network, sharpen their skills, enhance conversation and understanding of issues impacting the Latino community, and promote the hiring and retention of Latino journalists at all levels of news reporting and management.


Outstanding broadcasting students are eligible for this national honorary broadcasting society. The Emerson chapter produces its own TV and radio programs and serves the media needs of the Emerson community.

Office Location: 150 Boylston Street, Room L122


All Emerson students have the opportunity to become members of this national organization. The Emerson chapter provides the opportunity for students to take part in professional activities on a local, regional, and national level. Named Organization of the Year for 2000–2001, NSSHLA encourages professional interests among Emerson students in the study of normal and disordered human communication behavior. NSSLHA provides aid and assistance within the College as well as to local organizations in the areas of speech, hearing, language, and behavior disorders.


PRSSA is a professional organization dedicated to furthering knowledge in the field of public relations through scholarships, networking with practitioners throughout the country, understanding of current theories and procedures, and hands-on programs with Emerson College clients, while furthering an understanding of current theories and practices to better prepare students for one of the fastest-growing businesses. Contact:


Named Organization of the Year for 2002–2003, the Radio-Television Digital News Association is an international organization dedicated to improving communication between students and professionals. RTDNA has experts critique students' work, sponsors student-run workshops, and organizes professional networking opportunities for students.

The Emerson Chapter also runs WEBN, which has been named the AP Station of the Year six times. Its award-winning television newscasts, sport programs, and specials run on Winthrop Cable and Tyngsborough Community TV. The staff annually covers the Oscars, MLB Spring Training, the Emmys, and political events such as the Iowa Caucuses and Presidential Inauguration. The organization also gives students the opportunity to gain experience in broadcasting across multiple media including its award-winning website,

Office Location: 150 Boylston Street, Room L133C


Named Organization of the Year for 2001–2002, this student chapter of the prestigious national professional organization was created in 1983. Students who are committed to a career in journalism are encouraged to participate. SPJ activities include professional programs, service activities, and social events.

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